Car stolen in dream in Islam | Explore the meaning

Dreams have a spiritual rank in Islam. So, car stolen in dream in Islam could have different interpretations. As you know your dreams depend on your life circumstances. According to a great interpreter of Islam Ibn Sirin If you see just a car in your dream. It means honor, respect, nobility, and awareness. But the interpretation will be different if you see the car stolen in dream in Islam by someone else. 

The reality of the dream is that when we sleep. Our soul left our body for a while. And when we wake up, our soul returns back to our body.  Because of that sleep is called a minor death. It is a daily exercise to prepare ourselves for a big death. However, all dreams cannot have true interpretations. It also could be possible that one dream has different meanings in Islam like a car stolen in your dream in Islam or any other thing stolen by someone else.

Decree of Hazrat Muhammad Peace be upon Him:

“Dreams have three kinds. A dream from Allah, called a good dream, A dream from Shaitan, called bad dream, and a dream which comes from your thinking and problems”.
                                                                                    (Al-Bukhari, 6499, Al-Muslim, 4200)

Does Shitan harass us in our sleep? if your dream about Car stolen in dream in Islam !

Yes, Shaytan can harass us in our sleep. Satan distracts us from problems and a lack of trust in Allah. When we sleep in these tensions, those tensions become dreams. And these dreams have no true interpretations. He wants to weaken our Iman and we get sad and leave worship to Allah.

The second way is that he tries to make a dream that you are doing any haram thing in your dream like taking alcohol, acting adultery, or seeing yourself naked. These all dreams are the cause for weakening your Iman. Make a tight relationship with your Allah, and offer your prayers. Shaitan will never tease you like that. 

Car stolen in dream in Islam

How should we act, when we have a bad dream?

  1. Ask for help from Allah from evil dreams.
  2. Three times dry spit to the left side.
  3. After spit, change the side. Never tell your dream to anyone. It will be harmful to you. 
  4. You can discuss your dream with any Islamic scholar or any trusted person. 
  5. And pray With Allah from Shaitan`s evil snare. 
  6. And yes, one most important things, is to always follow the sunnah before sleep. It is a strong safety from bad dreams. strong safety from bad dreams.

What should we do, when we have a good dream?

  1. First of all, thank Allah and praise Him for such a good dream.
  2. Be happy for this good dream.
  3. Share your dream with any scholar and any trusted person. And they should not discuss your dream with others.
  4. As you know about the dream of Yousuf AS. When Yousuf A.S saw the dream about the sun, moon, and stars then his father ordered him not to tell his dream to his brothers. Because of their jealousy. 
Car stolen in dream in Islam

What does stealing mean in a dream? 

If you are dreaming about stealing or you’re watching while stealing. It could have different interpretations. It will also depend on what thing is stolen as per Islam. 

If you are dreaming that you have a plane to steal but actually have not, it means you will be sick, and then you will recover from it. 

If you see a thief in your house, it is a sign of trouble, hardship, and stress.  

The saying of Ibrahim Karmani A.S “ If you dream that you are kidnapped by a thief, it means troubles and sorrow may occur in your life”. 

Interpretation of car stolen in dream in Islam: 

Most of Islamic scholars believe that dreams are the connection between Allah and humans. They believe that dreams reflect a person’s life, thoughts, faith, and emotions.  Islamic dream interpreters consider the stolen car as a negative scenario. It could be a sign of occupation, relationship, or even success. 

According to Islamic scholars, the interpretation of a car stolen in dream in Islam is a sign of sorrow, difficulties, and problems in your life.   Alternatively, it could also sign that anyone trusted is trying to damage your reputation and success. 

The consequence of a car stolen in dream in Islam.  

A car stolen in dream in Islam is considered an alarming sign. It will be advised to always be careful when you get success or wealth. And never make a money deal without search and confirmation. 
Always remember that the interpretation of Islam is not 100% realistic. Interpretation always depends on the dreamer’s life, faith, and daily circumstances. For this, before analyzing your dreams, keep an eye on your background or seek help from any Islamic scholar.

FAQS about car stolen in dream in Islam: 

Q 1: Explain the interpretation about car stolen in dream in Islam: 

Ans: In short, the interpretation of a car stolen in dream in Islam is a sign of warning. Someone who is near to you is attempting to defeat you. 

Q 2: What does stealing mean in Islam? 

Ans: The meaning of stealing in Islam is sorrow, problems, and difficulties.

Q 3: What should I do if I dream about having my car stolen? 

Ans: First of All follow the sunnah and then always be careful about your life. Moreover, never discuss your success and matters about money to others.


In conclusion, the interpretation of a car stolen in dream in Islam is a sign of negativity. So, it is a warning to be careful and stay connected with Allah. However, keep in mind that dreams are illusory. And you can interpret the dreams in various methods. You can seek knowledge about your dream`s interpretation with an Islamic scholar.

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