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Dreams have different types, genuine and not genuine. However, dream of water leaking in house in Islam could have different interpretations. First of all, dreams depend on your background. It also depends on the water’s color. It could be a loss in your life, a lack of confidence, and embarrassment. And many other interpretations can apply.  However, always remember that don’t take your every dream in a serious scenario and all dreams have never the same interpretation. According to hadith, dreams have three types. The first is good dreams from Allah, the second is bad dreams from Shaitan and the last third is imaginary dreams. Mostly dreams come from our thoughts and tensions in our lives. Dream of water leaking in house in Islam could be an imaginary dream but for more satisfaction, you can discuss your dream with any good Islamic scholar.

What is a dream basically? 

As you know dreams have different types. According to the Quran, sleeping is similar to minor death. You can read in the Quran that it is Allah who takes your soul in the night, knows about everything done by you on the day, and lifts you up again, so that you complete your time in this world. And after all, in the end, you will return to Him, and then He will expose your all actions that you did. 

There are also mentions of dreams in Hadiths.  Dreams have a very powerful role in Nubuwwah. Like Allah conversed to Ibraheem A.S in the dream and Ibraheem A.S obeyed the order. Moreover, you know about the dream of Yousuf A.S. He saw eleven stars one moon and one sun, those are all prostrated to him. And when Hazrat Yousuf A.S was in jail, the king of the time saw a dream which was a true dream. Yousuf A.S. interpreted that dream. 

We can infer that 

  1. It is true that dreams exist, and it’s also true that fake dreams also exist. 
  2. Always remember that not anyone can predict the future but some. Like Yousuf A.S, interpreted the dream. Therefore always discuss your dream with any good Islamic scholar. 
  3. It is not compulsory that only Muslims can see true dreams. Non-Muslims can dream true. Like the king of Egypt. 
  4. Sometimes it would be difficult to interpret the dream. So, never make a own decision on your dreams.

How does water come in your dream? 

In Islam water comes in dreams in different ways. So, sometimes you will see clear water and sometimes you will see dirty water in dreams.  Clear water is a sign of strong faith and purity of your personality while dirty water presents negative meanings and unclear feelings. For example:

  • Dreaming about clear water:
    If you saw clean water in your dream, it means that your dream is positive. This is a sign of mental purity. However, it will depend on your location and the people around you. 
  • Dreaming about black water:
    Black water is an indication of a bad sign. You can relate the black water with dark feelings. So, black water will represent the darkness of your mind and your depressed life. You need to think positively and water becomes neat.
  • Dreaming about green water:  
    Green water is the connection of your strong Iman and the purity of your emotions. Also, the green color has special earnings in Islam, as mentioned in the Quran. So, this is a sign of goodness,  blessing, and beauty.

Meaning of dream of water leaking in house Islam 

Dream of water leaking in house in Islam is a symbol of emotional problems. And these problems need to be solved. 

Reasons for dream of water leaking in house Islam

Dream of water leaking in house in Islam may have different meanings. Obviously, it depends on daily circumstances and your faith. It could be a sign of fear of defeat and fear of losing control of yourself. The most common reasons of dream of water leaking in house Islam could be: 

  • Fear of  lack of success:  
    It could be a sign of fear of the dreamer’s lack of success. Dreamers have a fear that he will not meet their needs and he can not meet their expectations.
  • Fear of overloading:
    Dream of water leaking in house in Islam can symbolize fear of being overloaded by the needs of life.  The dreamer may feel that he can not bear the stress of life.  
  • Fear of losing control of emotions:
    The dreamer has a fear that he has no control over daily emotions. He can not make any decisions about life.

    Dreamers may have some psychological issues like anxiety, stress, fear of defeat, etc. As you know dreams reflect daily life. Dream of water leaking in house in Islam may cause spiritual weakness. If you have relationships with bad people, they engage you in negative activities. It might be a sign to connect your relationship with Allah. Additionally, you must give yourself time.
Dream of water leaking in house Islam

How can you manage the dream of water leaking in house Islam? 

If you saw the dream of water leaking in house, it can be a sign of worry.  However, here are some points, on how to control dream of water leaking in house in Islam: 

  • Accept the dream:
    First of all, accept your dream. Also, focus on your dream. Maybe this dream can help you to understand what is going on in your life.
  • Try to understand your dream: Normally the dream of water represents emotions, fear, and insecurity. So, if you know the meaning of your dream then you can manage your dealings. 
  • Develop a competing plane.
    Once you know the interpretation of your dream, then make a plan on how to get rid of it. You can ask for help from any friend or any good scholar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: What is the interpretation of the dream of water leaking in house? 

ANS: Dream of water leaking in house in Islam may have different meanings. Commonly, it may be a sign that something is not normal in your life. So, you should review your daily deals.

Q 2: What does it mean if water is leaking from the pipe in dream? 

ANS: This dream can also have several interpretations. The most common is that it may be a sign of emotional cleaning. It is a reminder for self-care. 

Q 3: What does it mean by water in your dream?  

The water is a symbol of emotions, life, and purity. 


To sum up, any dream has different interpretations. However, the dream of water leaking in a house in Islam is not a common dream. The most common theme of this dream is a lack of control, feeling powerless, and feeling a fear about your responsibility that you can not beat your needs. So, if you dream about it, seek help from any good Islamic scholar. Also, try to change your circumstances and community. And yes, stay connected with Allah almighty.

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