Dream Of Bugs In Hair Islam

The dream is a fact in Islam. There are many kinds of ways to dream of bugs in hair in Islam. Moreover, different bugs in your hair can come in your dreams. It might be lice, cockroaches, ladybugs, or spiders. It means senseless annoying thoughts. If you are worried or if you think about any imaginative things then all of those negative things will become a dream, which has no meaning. Dream of bugs in hair is like you are holding all your negative thoughts and these thoughts will stick to you like bugs.

Prophets’ visions of Dream

The dreams of the prophets are fact-based. These dreams are called Wahi (revelation). These dreams were protected from Shaitan. For example, in the dream of Ibrahim A.S, he saw that he was sacrificing his son Ismaeel A.S. and he actually acted on that dream.
However, this is a very serious matter. The dreams of other people may not be valid. So be careful about dreams. Many Sufis and others are astray innocent people due to dreams. Many people can see different meaningless dreams like sweeping on the floor, etc. And some dreams become true, if your dreams are according to Sunnah and Quran, then your dreams are from Allah.

How does Islam define dreams?

Dreams have a special place in Islam.  Therefore, Islam has given dreams a spiritual rank. The Quran refers to a dream as a Ru`aya, Hulm, Manan, and Bushra. Muslims admitted that dreams are a devotional thing. However, there are three types of dreams. The first is good dreams, these dreams are from Allah. And the second type is bad dreams from Shaitan. The last third dreams are imaginary dreams. This means if you are sad or thinking about some problems maybe those thoughts become a dream.

What does it mean to dream of bugs in hair Islam?

Dreaming about bugs in your hair is really scary. If you see the bugs on your hair you will surely wake up with a sweating body. Also, sometimes you can feel bugs on your body after waking up. So, here are some dreams of bugs in hair in Islam and their meanings.

1. Dreaming about bugs creeping in your hair:

You can access different meanings of this dream. It depends on your thinking and which situation you are facing in your life. For example,

  • Disgusting feelings:
    If you saw crawling bugs in your hair it means you have an attitude of shame and intolerance. You are a sentimental person in every unwanted situation or you feel disgraced by your actions after a while.
  • Quiet and impassive:
    If you dream of a bug in your hair and you are not having a shocking reaction and you are able to stay normal then it is a good sign. It is also a symbol of searching for happiness. It shows you that other people are happy with you.
2. Dream about bugs creeping on other hairs: 
  • Dreaming about bugs creeping on a friend’s hair :
    It is a sign of feeling overwhelmed. You should finish your work so that you will feel free. Always remember that if you are in trouble you must ask for help from anyone.
  • Dreaming about bugs on unknown or client’s hair:  It means you should beware of your co-workers. They might endgame you.
3. Dreaming about insects flying up to you:

It is considered a positive sign. It means you are an able person. You have goals and you have the ability to achieve your goals. Also, you always have solutions to your problems. This dream tells you to take an interest in other goals. It will open your mind to new success. 

4. Dreaming about a big bug on your hair: 

It means there is some trouble or fear in your life. So, if you think deeply about your fears you will know the reality and feel free.

5. Dreaming about the insects is drawing your blood:

This dream is trying to tell you that someone is using your thoughts or your mind. You should focus on yourself.

6. Watching a creeping bug on your own body: 

This is a good dream. According to this dream, you should move on. Take a step forward to your dreams. Choose the right way to achieve your goals.

7. Saw bugs attempting to attack you:

It clearly tells you that you are stressed. For a while forget all the mess focus on your life and try to know your own needs.

8. Dreaming about bugs want to eat your hair:

This dream is a sign of your busy and stressed life and messy daily schedule. So, this dream is trying to tell you to take a break and give rest to your body and your mind.

Opinion of Islam:

Dream of bugs in hair in Islam:

Dreaming bugs in hair in Islam is like head lice. According to experience, this dream has two meanings. The first is that your hard time is going to end now. It is a time of wealth, health, and luck. And the second is if you saw spiders in your dreams then this dream is so good. Spiders are a symbol of good luck.

Does your dream reflect your daily life?

Dreaming about anything is considered a very powerful part of your life. Moreover, if you are sad or happy, you can see your thoughts in your dream. Sometimes these dreams may be signs of joy, or some are signs of worry. Also, sometimes some dreams come to warn you. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dreaming?

Like many other things, dreams also have some advantages and disadvantages. So,here are a few good points and bad points of dreaming.


Good dreams may help you with some memory issues, help in emotional intelligence, and sometimes secure you from stress. 


Dreams can disturb your sleep. Also, dreams may be the cause of nightmares. Also, dreaming can confuse you and you can lose your interest in your daily life.

FAQS about dreaming of bugs in hair Islam.

Q 1: What does it mean to dream of bugs in hair Islam?

Dream of bugs in hair in Islam is usually known as head lice.  You can access two meanings by this. The first is that bugs may be a symbol of gossip, defamation, or any problem in your family. Moreover, the second is if you saw other insects in your dream, those insects may be trying to tell you about your family, wealth, health, and your wishes. 

Q 2: How to clarify dreams in Islam? 

Dreams have a religious rank in Islam. So, it can be a sign of Allah`s order and guidance. 

Q 3: How many types of dreams in Islam? 

There are several kinds of dreams in Islam. For example, a true dream from Allah, Bad dreams from Shaitan, and the third are confused dreams. 

Q 4: How can you stop dreaming about bugs? 

Always keep your mind in peace. Stay cheerful and well-behaved. 


To sum up, the dream of bugs in hair in Islam is not alarming. It depends on your daily life. Basically, good dreams are good for your psychological health. Moreover, good dreams are from Allah.

What’s more, sometimes you are facing a difficult time in your life and these thoughts become dreams. Dream of bugs in hair in Islam has different meanings but you do not have to worry about this. Just stay calm and connect with Allah.

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