Escaping from lion in dream Islam 

Escaping from lion in dream Islam can be interpreted in different ways. The meaning of escaping from lion in dream Islam will depend on details of the dream. The context of the dream will also matter for interpretation of any dream. Circumstances of the dreamer’s life does matter. Dreaming about lions leaves you sweating and in terrible condition. Escaping from lion in dream Islam is not a good sign. It could mean that you are making an effort to save yourself from any danger that is on your inner side. 

For your inner strengths, you should face your fear and not go far from it. In Islamic dream, the lion is known as a power, strength and command. Normally, a lion is interpreted as a powerful enemy. It could be a sign of a strong person who has a powerful inner self.

How can you dream about a lion? 

You can experience the lion dream in many different ways. Normally the common dreams about lions are: 

  • Escaping from lion in dream Islam 
  • Attacking lion in a dream Islam 
  • Dreaming about baby cubs 
  • Dreaming about giving meal to a lion 
  • Dreaming about a friendly lion 

You can dream about many other ways about lions. And obviously interpretations will different according to the context of the dream. 

What will be the meaning of lion in Islam? 

In Islam lion is considered as a power, motivation and bravery. In classical Arabic, a lion is used in poetry as a multiple qualities. Such as intrepidity, power, charm and grace. The exalted looks and fearless nature makes the lion a powerful and defeatless metaphor. All-inclusive the lion is a sign of bravery, power and defeatless. In Islam a lion is a figure of complex and has a huge range of meanings. 

The spiritual meaning of a lion in Islam: 

The spiritual meaning of a lion in Islam is self-possession, productivity and demonstration. It is also a sign of being amorous, powerful, strong, brave, and a defeatless leader. If you see the lion in your dream, it could mean that seeing the lion brings out the feelings of bravery and motivation to take  risks in your life. 

It shows that you have more spirit than your fear to do something big. The strength and confidence of the lion makes it more attractive and bold. If you are dreaming about a lion, it means that you have to be very active in your waking life. 

Sometimes lions act very fast, they can not measure all danger in that situation. Same like this if a dreamer acts in any situation in a hurry, it will be harmful for him. If you have dreamed that lions are aggressive and angry, it means you have to be patient in your waking life. 

What is the indication of a lion in dreams in Islam? 

If you are dreaming about a lion, it means that it is a signal from your soul. And you can get more instructions about you from this dream. When you see the lion in your dream it could be interpreted as you have opportunities to discover something about yourself. Like how you can manage your life, how you can make a choice about your life. 

When a lion comes into your dream, it means to provide you motivation and clarity. The lion in your dream shows you different signs of your affiliate relations. This dream can also provide you with the ability to manage your goals in life, and you can get insight into how you can get the fruit from your hard work. 

Likewise, if you dreamed that a lion is in a cage, it means something is trying to stop you from using your inner power. That thing is holding you back and you can not disclose your inner strength. If you see just a lion in your dream, it could be a sign of your power of decision and a courage to face challenges in your life. 

Interpretation of escaping from lion in dream Islam by different scholars:

Every dream has a different interpretation. Every dream’s interpretation is based on the context  of the dream. Dreamer’s daily life does matter. If you see the lion in different ways in your dream like escaping from a lion, fighting with lion and a friendly lion. Different Islamic scholars have different thoughts about dreaming about lions. 

Thought of Ibn Sirin: 
  • According to Ibn Sirin (R.A) if you are dreaming about a lion, it means a powerful enemy. Details of the dream can change the other interpretation.
  • If you see that lion is fighting then interpretation will be different according to the details of the dream. Like:

    ~ You are the winner against the lion:
                                          It means you will defeat your enemy.

    ~ You are the looser against the lion:
                                            It means your enemy will destroy you.

    ~ Dreaming about friendly lions:
                                            It could be a sign that you have a kind enemy.
  • If you are escaping from the lion in your dream, it means the enemy is going far from you.
  • If you dream about running away from the lion, it could be interpreted as you are in a defending position from your enemy and you are safe now.

Thoughts of Ibraheem Karmani (R.A)
  • Ibraheem Karmani is also a Islamic scholar like Ibn Sirin. He said if you dream about a lion and you are riding on him, it means you will defeat your enemy.
  • If you are dreaming about a lion with skin, hair, bones and meat, it could mean that you will get wealth and health in your life soon. Skin, hairs, bones and meat of the lion represent the advantages and profits.
  • If a dreamer sees a lion outside of his house, it means he will be relieved from any serious matter. It could mean that the dreamer will gain some position in his life.
  • If someone sees a lioness in his or her dream, it is a reflection of self-esteem and ignorance.
  • If a dreamer is dreaming about sleeping with a lion, it means he has defensive behavior against his enemy. It could be meant as protection from diseases.
  • If a lion is coming in the city or a town, it means that any kind of disease or virus will spread in the city or town.
  • Dreamer is eating the meal of the lion will be interpreted as the dreamer will get victory against his enemy.
  • If someone sees a lion eating any other animal or cheetah and tiger, it means that you will get a spirit about defeating your fear. And you will result as you like. 
  • If a dreamer sees he is drinking the milk of lioness, it means he will earn illegal income. 

What will be the interpretation if you see the lion is attacking you? 

In Islamic interpretations, if you see the lion is attacking you it means, you have a scared behavior. It could represent your inner weakness. You are afraid to take a stand for any situation in your life. If you are not running from the ion, then it is superb for you. It means you have the spirit to do something. You have the ability to find some different ways to solve your problem. 

Dreaming about lions is a motivation for you. It is a lesson for you that you should bite back as a lion if someone is teasing you in your waking life. You should prepare yourself to face any kind of situation in your waking life. You should have morale like a lion to lead your life bravely. Thus you have to become a lion in your life. 

Escaping from lion in dream Islam: 

If someone sees that he is escaping from a lion, it could be a bad situation. Because escaping from a lion is interpreted as you are running from your fear which is sleeping in your heart. When you run from your fear then your fear will scare you more. 

Frequently asked question about escaping from lion in dream Islam: 

Q 1: What will a lion represent in a dream in Islam? 

Ans: Normally, lions represent power, inner-strength and authority. Dreaming about lions can represent a powerful enemy. 

Q 2: What will be the interpretation of lion cubs in your dreams? 

Ans: Dreaming about lion cubs is a positive dream. If someone sees the lion cubs in his dream, it means some new developments are coming in the dreamer’s waking life. You will have full control on your life. Lion cubs in your dreams invite you to the great power that is coming in your life, you should use that power very carefully.  

Q 3: What would be the interpretation to see the dead lion in your dream? 

Ans: If you see the dead lion in your dream and you are not responsible for his death. It could mean that some new things will occur in your life.  In Islam, death is always meant as the ending of something and the start of new things. It could mean a replacement of things. This dream can represent that some part of your life is going to end and you have to face this situation with strength and positivity. 


In the end, escaping from lion in dream Islam could have different interpretations. Interpretations always depend on the details of the dream. If you want to interpret any dream, then you should know about the dreamer’s daily life. Because dreams are an indication and warnings for the dreamer. Dreams can also guide you in some difficult situations in your life.

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