Dream of hair falling out in clumps in Islam

Dream of hair falling out in clumps in Islam have different meanings. It is a fact that if you saw the falling hair in clumps in your dream, you would definitely be scared of it. Some dreams have genuine meanings and some dreams are imaginary.

Hazrat Muhammad SAWW said “The dream is the fortieth part of Prophecy” Al-Bukhari 6989 Kitabu-Ta`abeer.

You can also know about dreams in the Quran. The Quran named the dream as Hulm, Ru`aya, and Bushra. The meaning of the saying of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW “ The dream has three types, the first is the true dream that is from Allah the second are bad dreams that are from Shaitan and the third are imaginary dreams”.  The dreams of hair falling out in clumps in Islam have different explanations. 

What is the explanation of the dream of hair falling out in clumps in Islam? 

Before getting access to the explanation, remember that dreams are very personal and individual matters. Also, dreams are based on your daily life. Everyone can not apply interpretation to their lives. Everyone has their own circumstances. So, the meaning of the dream of hair falling out in clumps in Islam has multiple answers like health matters, about your self-respect. In Islam, hairs are affiliated with beauty, power, and identity. It is a sign of personal grace. As you know, dreams of hair falling out in clumps in Islam can have different interpretations depending on your specific circumstances and emotions. So, here is some interpretation of the dream of hair falling out in clumps in Islam –

Dropping your power and control:

Hairs are a sign of power and control. So, if you saw the dream about your hair falling it means you are losing your power and control. You can also relate this to your personal relationships, your job, or any other important object of your life. 

Gerontophobia or fear of change:

Normally hairs are affiliated with aging. So, if you are facing a depression phase about changing or growing old in your life. These thoughts will reflect your dream.

Sign of humbleness and giving up:

Islam is forcing humbleness and giving up on Allah’s plan. If you saw the dream of hair falling out in clumps, it might be a sign of pride and self-esteem. It may be a caution for you to polish your inner qualities.

Fear of health:

You can relate the hair fall dream to health problems. So, if you are facing any health issue in your life, this dream may warn you to take care of your physical and mental health. If possible make an appointment with any professional person.


Dreams are frequently used as a means of reflection and self-observation. Therefore, if you dream of hair falling out, you may need to take a close look at your mindset and your habits.

What’s more, for accurate interpretation, it is a must to take a look at your emotions, daily circumstances, and your faith. You can also concern yourself with a good Islamic scholar or any trusted person who can convey more awareness and point of view.  

How can we interpret dreams?

The most popular dream interpreter scholar in Islamic history is Ibn Sirin. He gave a concept of dream interpretation based on Hadith and Quran. Moreover, according to Ibn Sirin dreams depend on the circumstances of life. So, you can extract the meaning from your personal life.

For example, the Prophet Muhammad PBUH said
“ There are three types of dream: A good dream from Allah, which is glad news from Allah, the second  dream which is a bad dream from Shaitan and a dream from the confusion of the mind.”

Things to keep in mind :

For interception of the dream, you should remember some things for example:

  • Never mention your dream for interpretation to everyone, You can trust just scholars and any trusted person. 
  • If someone sees the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, it is a true dream because Shaitan can not copy the shape of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
  • If anyone sees the same dream more than one time or many people see the same dream, it is a sign that this dream is true. 
  • According to Islam, good dream is from Allah. Normally a good dream takes time in interpretation and a bad dream occurs fast.
  • True dreams are usually short and brief. If any person sees a long and endless dream, it means this dream is meaningless.
  • Always remember that it is not compulsory that all dreams come true. Most dreams are unconfirmed. It is a request that you do not make decisions about your life due to your dreams. 
  • Prophet Muhammad PBUH disallows everyone from adding or reducing their dreams. It can spoil the interpretation of a dream. It will be considered a sin. 
  • If anyone had the same dream, it might have different meanings.

    Some Hadiths with interpretations.
  • Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, The bad kind of lie is when someone says i saw the dream but they don’t. (Sahi Al-Bukhari) 

Anas bin malik narrated, Prophet PBUH said “ A dream of an innocent man is one of forty-six parts of prophethood.” (Sahi al-Bukhari) Anas bin malik narrated , Hazrat Muhammad PBUH said “ When someone sees me in their dream, he has seen me, because  Shaitan cannot copy me.” (Sahi al-Bukhari)

FAQS about Islamic dreams interpretation:

Q 1: Dream of hair falling out in clumps in Islam is normal?

ANS: Yes dreams of hair falling out in clumps in Islam is not alarming. This dream might have different interpretations.

Q 2: Does the Quran tell us about dreams?

ANS: Yes, the Quran does mention dreams. Like the dream of Yusuf and his father, Hazrat Ibraheem AS, and his son Ismail AS. 


To sum up, the dream of hair falling out in clumps in Islam has different interpretations. However, the dreams may reflect your physical and mental health, your spiritual life, your emotions, and your strength. By the way, always remember that dreams are very personal things. So, never share your dream with anyone. You can share your dream with any Islamic scholar or any trusted person. Never make a decision on your dream.

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