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Dreams are considered as a significant part of Islam. And they believe that dreams are a way of communicating with Allah. One familiar dream that many people experience is that dream about hair falling out. Hair falling out dream meaning in Islam could be interpreted in various ways.. You can understand the insight of the dream due to its context, details and emotions. Moreover, in Islamic culture, hairs are associated with health, beauty and wealth. 

What’s more, hair falling out dream meaning in Islam could be a sign of loss in wealth or loss in health. Also, it could be a symbol of stress, anxiety and fear. However, keep in mind, dreams are subjective. So, for interpretation of any dream, you must analyze the dreamer`s daily life, dreamer`s emotions in a dream and details of the dream.

What does the hair falling out dream meaning in Islam?

Before knowing the hair falling out dream meaning in Islam, you have to know that dreams are very personal and subjective matters. We can not apply the interpretation on any one. Every dream has its own life circumstances, dream`s details and emotions. Therefore to understand the accurate interpretation of your dream,  you should focus on your daily life and you can seek guidance from any good Islamic scholar or professional interpreter. 

Moreover, hairs are a sign of beauty, strength and identity for anyone. Dreaming about hair falling may have different meanings. And these interpretations will depend on the dreamer’s life circumstances, emotions and details of the dream. So, here are some hair falling out dream meaning in Islam-

Lack of strength and control

Most hairs are associated with strength and power. So,if you see hair falling out in your dream, it means you will lose your power and control over you. It could be a sign of losing your personal relationship, job or friendship.

Fear of getting older or fear of change

As you know, hair falling is also a sign of old age. Dreamers should have a fear of getting older. Might be possible that a dreamer is facing depression in his life or he is frightened of changes, which are coming with old age. This dream could be a meaning of the dreamer`s thoughts.

Symbol of humbleness and give up

As you know, Allah likes humbleness and gives up. Hair falling out dream meaning in Islam could have sign of quit self love and ego. This dream may be a symbol of a signal to know your inner self.

Health issues

Hair fall is also a sign of bad health. If you or any other person near to you is facing any diseases, this dream can reflect that experience. This dream is a sign of taking care of you. So, if  possible you should consult a professional help.

You need to examine yourself

Generally, dreams are an invitation to analyze ourselves. So, if you see the dream about hair falling out is a sign to know yourself. Also you have to deeply check on your thoughts, emotions and actions. It is also a check reminder to wipe out the extra things from your life and focus on important matters of your life.

Psychological And religious role in dreaming about hair falling out

Our dreams have a strong connection with our psyche and religion. Our dreams often leave us in complicated situations and questions. Most Muslims believe that dreams can approach in our minds and can mutate the subconscious mind, even someone’s spiritual thoughts. 

Normally, hairs are associated with beauty and health. Therefore if someone is dreaming about hair falling out it means this dream is a reflection of the dreamer` s fear about his age, health or losing life. It could be the stress of losing his youthful life. 

More than that, dreams can mutate mental health and emotions. So, if someone is facing depression and anxiety in his life, he can dream about these thoughts. Also, he can dream like hair falling out. Hair falling out dream meaning in Islam could be negative. This dream can reflect negative feelings and you have to fix it for your own peaceful life. 

It is very important to know that it is not compulsory that all dreams have accurate meaning. The interpretation will depend on someone`s personal life and situation. Therefore, if you are worried about your dream and you are confused and want to know the right interpretation, you should seek help from any good Islamic scholar or any professional interpreter. 

How can you stop dreams like hair falling out? 

Hmm well, it is true that you can not control your dreams. Although, you can try to prevent them. Here are some tips for you. With the help of these tips, maybe you can stop these dreams.

  • First of all, find the stress of your life, which is the cause of these dreams. And try to fix them. 
  • Take time for exercise. Exercise is a great solution for stress. But keep in mind to always exercise in the morning. Morning is a good time for exercise.
  • Manage room temperature. Room temperature does matter for good sleep.
  • Try to block over noise and light.  
  • Turn off  the extra lights and put table clocks away from you. 
  • Don’t eat junk foods and sodas before sleep. Alcohol and caffeine are also responsible for your bad sleep. 
  • If you wake up due to any reason, do not struggle on the bed to sleep. Get off the bed, read any good book, drink water or something else until you fall asleep again. 

What should be done if someone dreams about  hair falling out?  

Dreams hold an important role in Islam. Normally, dreams are considered as a source of communicating with Allah. Dreams could be an indication, a guidance or future perception. Hair falling out dream meaning in Islam could be negative. To prevent these negative thoughts and stay positive, there is some action to do. 

Seek help from Allah

If you wake up sweating due to a horrible dream, first of all seek help from Allah almighty. Because just Allah can help us in any problem. If you see hair falling out and you get worried then recite the dua to calm your heart.
                          “ Aoodu bi kalimaatillah-hitamaati min ghadhabihi wa iqaabihi wa                                                                                 min sharri ibadihi wa min hamazaatish-shaitanee wa an yahdooroon” ( I seek help from Allah from His annoyance and punishing me. And from shaitan and his slaves and from there buzzing of the devils from the presence).

Perform Wudu and Namaz

It is highly recommended to do wudu and offer prayer after a horrible dream in Islam. Wudu clears the body and prayers clears the brain. Prayer helps us to connect with Allah. After namaz, when you see dua, your mind feels relaxed.

Reciting of the Holy Quran

Reading the Quran helps more in fear. When you wake up in fear, recite the Quran and recite those ayah which are about seeking forgiveness and mercy. According to hadith these ayat and surahs help more. Like Surah Al Fatiha, Surah Al Falaq, AN Annas and Aytul Kursi. If you will recite these verses you will feel peace. These Ayahs will give you more power.

Ask for help from an Islamic scholar or professional interpreter

If dreams about hair falling out  are coming continuously, then it will be better to seek help from any good Islamic scholar. He will guide you properly and tell you what you should do to prevent these dreams. Never discuss your dream with anyone.

Take notice of your waking life

Mostly dreams are a reflection of our thoughts, emotions, stress and circumstances of our life. Therefore, take notice of what is wrong in your life. Moreover, to understand the dream of hair falling out,  you should analyze your worries, stress, difficulties and emotions of your life.

FAQs about hair falling out dream meaning in Islam: 

Q 1: Would I lose my hair if I had the dream about hair falling out? 

Ans: No, it does not mean that your hair will fall. You should take the non-literal meaning of this dream. For example this dream could be a sign of anxiety, stress and fear. 

Q 2 : What would be the interpretation if you had a dream of someone else’s hair falling out?

Ans: It means you are concerned about the health of that person. This dream could represent the loss of that person who is in your dream. 

Q 3: What will be hair falling out dream meaning in Islam? 

Ans: Hair falling out dream meaning in Islam could be a sign of –

  • Fear of getting older 
  • Lack of control on yourself 
  • Health issues 


To sum up, hair falling out dream meaning in Islam could be different. Interpretations of the dreams depend on the circumstances of the dreamer’s life and emotions in the dream. It is significant to note that dreams are very individual and private matters. Therefore, we can not apply the same interpretation to everyone. Moreover, to prevent any negative dream, we should seek help from Allah. If you need, you can consult with any good Islamic scholar. 

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