Seeing knife in dream in Islam

Seeing a knife in a dream in Islam could be interesting and thoughtful. Knives can symbolize different phases of our life like strength, self control, aggression and self protection. Therefore, the meaning of seeing a knife in a dream in Islam has depended on the emotions and context in the dream. However, some people can interpret the knife as an alarming and fearing sign. While, some can interpret it as a changing or evolution in your life. So, finding the meaning of seeing a knife in a dream in Islam can offer you a broad insight into your inner self, feelings and wishes. 

Thoughts of Ibn Sirin about seeing a knife in a dream in Islam

  • A knife in a dream can represent the servant of the house. It will be a sire who is trying to provide for his family or friends. His intensity represents the sensitivity of his rule. 
  • If a lady sees herself carrying a knife, or she is giving a knife to someone in a dream, it could be a sign of her love for a popular person. 
  • If you are dreaming about a pencil sharpener knife it means a writer or an author. 
  • If someone dreams about bucher`s knife, it will be a sign of a butcher. 
  • If you saw a knife in a soldier’s hand, it represents power and service. 
  • If someone dreaming about a preschool teacher is stealing a knife, it will be symbol of  he is desiring someone of his students 

Interpretations of seeing a knife in a dream in Islam by different scholars

  • If someone dreams that a teacher is stealing a knife, it means the dreamer is very sentimental about his son. 
  • If you are dreaming about someone eating a knife, this symbol of a dreamer will eat his son`s money.
  • The interpretation of the dream of pregnant women, who is dreaming that she is having a knife, will deliver a healthy baby boy. 

Can the size and condition affect the interpretation of a dream?

Dreams are a very interesting aspect of human life. Dreams are a mixture of images, sounds and feelings. Moreover, dreams are very subjective, some signs or things are very regular in the dream.  Therefore, dreaming about knives may have significant interpretation. The size and condition could have an effect on the interpretation of this dream. So, here are some examples: 


Size of the knife does matter in interpretations. A small knife can represent the fear, need for safety or judgment by others. And the meaning of a big knife could be a sign of strength, aggression or wish for control themself. 


Condition is a very important symbol in dreams interpretations. Like a fast and sharp knife will symbolize accuracy and it could be a sign that dreamers have to make the right decisions. On the other hand, an old, sharples and broken knife is a sign of  feelings of weakness, impatience and a sentimental behavior in any unbearable situation. And it is a symbol that the efforts of the dreamer are fruitless. 

It is must to know that dreams are very personal matters. Every dreamer has their own emotions, life’s circumstances. You should not implement the same interpretation on every dreamer. Before interpretation you should take a look at dreamers’ emotions, dream`s details and daily life. 

Does seeing a knife in your dream in Islam represent hostility or violence? 

Normally, dreams are interesting and a bit mysterious. In normal life a knife is associated with fear, violence and blood etc. So it is general to imagine that the knife is a symbol of all bad omen. 

Although, dreams are a very subjective matter and could be different from each other. To understand the exact meaning of seeing a knife in a dream in Islam, you should know about the dreamer`s life, faith and emotions.  And it is significant that you can not take all dreams as a real means, the signs in the dreams could be indications or symbols. 

It is possible that the knife could be a symbol of accurate willpower or a wish of change. It might be a sign to end the bad relationship with someone. 

However, to understand the accurate meaning of your dream you should focus on your life, emotion and your faith. You can consult any good Islamic scholar. 

Here are some meanings of dreams with knives

  • If someone is dreaming that a knife is entering his sheet, it means he will get a woman.
  • If a single person sees getting a knife, it means he will get married soon. 
  • If a woman sees the dream that she is having a knife or she is giving the knife to someone, it will be a sign that she is in love with that guy. 

Always remember that, all dreams depend on situations. If you have any special detail about your dream, then discuss it with your trusted friend or any good interpreter. 

FAQS about seeing a knife in a dream in Islam

Q 1: What will be the interpretation, if someone sees the knife in dream? 

Ans: Every dream has its own details.  Normally the knife is the symbol of power, self defense and power or control. 

Q 2: What will be the meaning of being killed with a knife in a dream? 

Ans: The interpretation of this dream will be a sign of feeling hurt. It could be a symbol of  your relationships who are causing you pain. It is also a sign of depression and fear that you are trying to kill those feelings. 

Q 3 : What will be the interpretation when someone sees the dull and rusty knife in dream? 

Ans: This dream could be a sign of fear of violence and emotional hurt. So, it might be an alarming sign that you are very sad  with your relationship and your life. Might be possible that you are emotionally ill. 


To sum up, seeing a knife in a dream in Islam may have different interpretations. As you know all dreams depend on their details and the dreamer`s life and faith. So, seeing a knife in a dream in Islam could be a symbol of a wish for control or power and aggression. However, you can not implement the same interpretation on anyone. Everyone has their own circumstances of life and emotions. What’s more, dreams are highly subjective, never discuss your dream to anyone. You can share your dream to any trusted person or you can seek help from any good Islamic scholar.

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