Someone pointing a gun at me in dream Islam 

When we sleep, our mind travels to a different world, it could be beautiful or it could be horrible. Someone pointing a gun at me in dream Islam is also a common dream and obviously, it’s a horrible dream. The gun in a dream could symbolize a sad situation. When you see that weapon is focused on you, then it could be more disturbing. 

When anyone says that someone pointing a gun at me in dream Islam, then you will wonder what will be the meaning of this dream. It could be a sign of threat or it could be not a threatening sign.

The symbolic meaning of Someone pointing a gun at me in dream Islam: 

When we slept, we experienced a new world in our dreams. We experienced different signs. And these signs leave us in wonder. In all of these signs, the common sign is a gun. When you see the gun in your dream you will be scared. Guns hold significant space in interpretations. Some symbols of our dreams are related to our life situation. Here are some symbolic interpretations. 

Incomplete Issues:

If anyone said that someone pointed a gun at me in dream Islam, it could mean that there are some problems in the dreamer’s life and he should resolve their problems. These incomplete issues will belong to his family, job or friends. And these problems can disturb him all the time in life. It is compulsory that you find out the reason why these dreams appear in your sleep.

Fear and depression:

If someone is pointing a gun at you in a dream it means the dreamer has any fear about something. As you know weapons are a sign of danger and fear in real life too. Therefore if you see the weapon in your dream, it could be an indication of some coming danger or any serious threat.

Intimidation to security:

If someone dreams about a gun pointing at him, it is a sign of threat and worry, and it is natural. This dream may represent the fear of security. This dream may have many other interpretations. For example bodily attack, emotional hurt, mental disturbance and any personal issue with someone. 

It is significant to know that you can not take your dreams as they are. Interpretation of your dream could be different according to your daily life`s circumstances, details of the dream and emotion in the dream. Dreams are always individual and personal. If you want to know the exact meaning of your dream, you should pay attention to your life and feelings.

What are the spiritual meanings of gun dreams in Islam: 

Every dream may have different interpretations. Interpretation of gun dreams will vary depending on situations and circumstances. The feelings and details of the dream can also change the meaning of your dream. Normally, gun dreams may represent strength, security, fear, power and aggression. 

For example, if a dreamer sees that he is holding a gun in his dream, it could be a symbol that he wants power and control in his matters of professional life. This dream could be an indication that a dreamer should avoid the wish for power and that he needs to be very careful in his life. 

But if a dreamer is dreaming that someone is warning him with a gun in his dream, it could be a sign that the dreamer feels unsafe and weak in his professional life. This dream is also a warning that dreamers should leave their behaviour in security and should ask for help and safety from anyone. 

The spiritual meaning will be the dream of that dreamer seeing himself shooting a gun as he is shooting to defend himself or defend those who are with him. This dream is a positive omen. This dream could be a sign that a dreamer stands for good and protection for himself and needy people.

Oppositely, if a dreamer sees that he is being shot or injured with a gun in his dream, it could be a sign that he is facing some fear or danger in his waking life or spiritual life. This dream could be a warning that a dreamer should try to be positive in his waking life and try to leave negative and bad emotions. He should seek help from any good Islamic scholar or any professional advisor.

Interpretation of different kinds of guns pointed at you in your dream:

As you know every dream has its circumstances and details. Therefore interpretation will also be different and individual. If a dreamer is upset due to his dream and he is asking frequently, what will be the interpretation of someone pointing a gun at me in dream Islam? Here, the type of gun will also matter.

Like if someone dreams about big and dangerous weapons, then it is sure that the dreamer will get depressed. Every type of gun has its interpretations and details. Here are some different kinds of guns and their meanings.

Automated gun:

The automatic gun is a type which is very easy to use. These guns can fire many times at once. You have just pulled the trigger only one time. If someone sees that he is caught or threatened with an automatic gun, it could mean that the dreamer is in feelings of danger and fear. In this dream, the dreamer can feel that he is weak and he is not able to defend himself. These are some possible explanations for this dream.

Depressed due to some problem.
Feeling powerlessness in any situation in your life. 
Being bullied from your professional place.


Rifle is a long weapon. It is mostly used in hunting and sniping. If a dreamer sees someone pointing a rifle towards him, it could have different interpretations like: 

If a dreamer sees that any sniper is pointing at him with a rifle, it means that someone is deeply observing you. Anybody close to you is watching your every small action. 

If a dreamer sees that someone is pointing a rifle at him during hunting, it means it is a sign of danger and worry. It could represent a challenge in your life.

But if a dreamer tells about what he saw in a dream pointing a gun at him during the military war, it means he has to stand up for himself. It could be a signal for protection.


If a dreamer sees someone pointing a shotgun at him, obviously it is a scary dream. Shotguns are mostly used in defence and self-protection in houses. This weapon could be very strong. If someone had a dream about a shotgun then this dream may have different meanings. For example:

Feeling over conscious 
Need for safety
Dispute and anxiety


A handgun is a small and fast weapon. Most people use a handgun for self-defence and protection. But some people use this gun in crimes because it is easy to carry and very easy to use. If a dreamer comes at you and asks for an interpretation of his dream of someone pointing a gun at you in dream Islam, you can analyze easily, because the weapon itself is a dangerous thing.
And obviously, weapons can harm anyone easily. The handgun in your dream will represent the fear of your inner self. This dream also reflects self-defence and protection. Here are some common explanations for this dream:

Feeling dangerous and insecure 
Need more protection 
Face up to fears 

It is significant to know that dreams are highly personal and subjective. Every dream has its situation. Life’s circumstances, details of the dream, faith of the dreamer and of course emotions can influence the interpretation of any dream. Therefore we can not implement the same interpretation on anyone. Before interpretations, we should analyze the waking life of the dreamer, details and emotions in the dream. You can seek help from any good Islamic scholar or any good advisor. 

Frequently asked questions about “Someone pointing a gun at me in dream Islam” 

Q 1: What will be the interpretation of a dream of someone pointing a gun at me in dream Islam? 

Ans: Interpretations of all dreams depend on the dreamer’s life and all situations of the dream. Normally dreams about guns represent the fear and unsolved problems of dreamers’ family life or professional life.

 Q 2: What can we do if we dream about guns? 

Ans: If you dream about guns, you get scared. But these kinds of dreams can help you focus on your life. If you want to know the accurate meaning of your dream you can ask for help from any good Islamic interpreter.

Q 3: Someone pointing a gun at me in a dream Islam is a good dream or a bad dream? 

Ans: Dreams are very subjective and personal matters. To understand the exact meaning, you should check your waking life and the details of your dream. You can ask any Islamic interpreter or any good advisor to solve your problem. 


Someone pointing a gun at me in a dream Islam may have different meanings. Dreams about weapons can be very disturbing and confusing. We cannot take the exact meaning as it is in our dreams. To understand the right interpretation, we should focus on the symbolic signs in our dreams. Although interpretation can differ from person to person. But normally, dreaming about guns is a reflection of fear, unsolved serious issues, protection, danger and depression. You should ask for help from any good Islamic scholar to remove your confusion.

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