Cats in Islamic dream

Cats in Islamic dreams could have different meanings. Interpretation of dreams is a method to know about your dreams. Muslims perceive dreams in Islam as a means of communicating with Allah. Like Hazrat Muhammad PBUH said,” Dreams are the forty- six parts of prophecy”. Dreaming about cats is a very common dream in Islam. And you can interpret this dream in various ways. The meaning of cats in Islamic dreams depends on the details of the dream, emotions in the dream and the daily life of the dreamer can affect the interpretation of the dream. 

In Islamic dreams, believers regard cats as protective entities. People recognize them as guardians and defenders of their families. Interpreters may view this dream as a sign that the dreamer enjoys Allah’s protection. Cats in Islamic dream can represent wisdom and guidance. 

Symbolic meanings of cats in Islamic dream: 

Dreams always have symbolic meanings. We can not take the exact meanings of our dreams. Normally, dreams are trying to tell us something about any warning or any indication about something. In Islam, cats are seen as clever, strong and mysterious. Cats are also seen as freedom because as you see you can not catch the cats easily. They are frequently wandering here and there.

You can take the meaning of a cat in the Islamic dream as a spiritual journey of a dreamer. If you see the cats in your dreams, it means that cats are a sign of protection and faith. Cats are known as loyal and faithful animals. Cats can represent intelligence because they have a sharp mind. 

Common interpretations of cats in Islamic dream: 

Dreams about cats is a very interesting and complicated topic. Cats are known for purity, protection and good luck. When you see the cats in your dream, then you have various meanings of this dream.  Normally, cats are seen as a strength, defence and good luck. Cats can reflect someone’s inner power. Some people believe that cats are a sign of wealth and good opportunities. 

In some situations, cats are considered a warning. For example, if you see that cat is attacking you and trying to harm you then this is not a good sign. It means some kind of danger is coming to you or something bad will happen in your life soon. But in other meanings, if someone sees that the cat is friendly with him then this is a good sign, it could be good luck or inner positivity. 

Interpretation of cats’ dreams in Islam:  

The meanings of cats in Islamic dreams could be different. Cats are a symbol of defence, protection and caretaker. Cats are also a symbol of wealth and good luck. Sometimes cats act foolish and represent deception. Sometimes cats are known as bad luck too in the dream world. 

Dreaming about a cat yields varying interpretations based on the dream’s specific details. For instance, envisioning a white cat symbolizes innocence and purity. Conversely, dreaming of a black cat is interpreted as a harbinger of bad luck. Dreaming about cats also known as safety and protection.  

Some people believe that cats are a symbol of evil spirits and negative forces. We can interpret the cat’s dream as good luck and wealth. Cats are also known as money and good arrangers in the dream. 

Overall, dreaming about cats is a symbol of protection, defence, wealth, good luck, and wisdom. Although, dream interpretation can be different according to the context of the dream. 

Importance of cats in Islam: 

Islam views cats as symbols of freedom, power, and defence, attributing to them the qualities of good luck and wealth. Certain Islamic traditions specifically regard cats as auspicious symbols of prosperity and good fortune, emphasizing their role as indicators of protection and guidance. Additionally, cats are acknowledged for their association with productivity and the fostering of prosperity within Islamic beliefs.

Different points for interpretation of cats in Islamic dream: 

Interpretation of dreaming about cats could be a complicated thing. As you know above, this dream has different interpretations. To know the accurate meanings of your dream, here are some tips. These points will help you to know your interpretation. 

Focus on the details of the dream:

To understand the exact meaning of your dream, pay attention to the colour of the cat, what is the size and how the cat is acting in your dream. These details will provide you with an accurate meaning of your dream.

 Examine the environment:

Try to remember what was going on before and after the cat came into your dream. It could provide you with some signals for interpreting your dream.

Try to find the signs in your dream:

Try to focus on the symbols of your dream. Keep a notice of what your dream is trying to notify you. Rewind the incidents and occasions in your waking life. And try to resemble them.

Count the quantity of the cats:

Number of the cats can provide you with a strong clue for example if you see a large number of cats, it means you are in danger and you need protection around you.

Focus on the side of the cat:

Directions of the cat can show you the right target. If a cat is coming to you in a dream, it means this is a warning for you. Some danger is coming to you. You should be careful in your life.

Ask any good Islamic scholar for help:

If you are doubtful about your dream and you want to know the exact meaning of your dream. Then you can ask for help from any good Islamic scholar or any professional advisor.

Pray and charity:

We are all weak. We should seek guidance from Allah. And he is the best in guidance. 

Different dreams and their interpretation in Islam by different scholars: 

Seeing cats in a dream could have different interpretations. Details of the dream, the context in which it unfolds, and, notably, the dreamer’s life circumstances can alter dream interpretations.

Thoughts of Ibn Sirin (R.A):

According to Ibn Sirin  (R.A), the interpretation of the cat dream is a disloyal robber.
Dreaming about a cat coming to your house is interpreted as a thief will come to your house.
If you see the cat eating something from your house, then it means that the thief will enter your house and he will take something from your house.
If someone sees that he is killing the cat in his dream, it means he will kill the thief in real life.

Thoughts of Ibrahim Karmani (R.A)

Ibrahim Karmani (R.A) interprets a dream in which a cat is eating meat as a sign that the dreamer will receive money from a robber.
If a dreamer says that he is fighting with a cat and he has scratches on his body, it will mean that the dreamer will fall ill soon in his waking life.

            1: If the dreamer gets victory in this fight, it means he will get well soon.
            2: If he fails in this fight, it means that his disease will go on for a long time.

Giving milk to a cat and then drinking its milk in your dream, means that the dreamer will quarrel with someone.

Thought of Jaffar Sadiq (R.A) :

According to Jaffar Sadiq (R.A) dreaming about cats will be interpreted as a robber, backbiter, disease, kind-hearted woman, jealous person and quarrel.

Different dreams interpretation by great Islamic scholar Ibni Sirin:

Dreaming about the birth of the cat and its interpretation:

According to Ibni Sirin, if you are dreaming about a cat giving birth to a baby kitten, it has different interpretations. If the cat’s colour is black then you must be careful of any danger, If you are dreaming about a white cat, it means the dreamer will gain different benefits. If you see a cat giving birth to a white kitten, it means you will get rid of the pressures of your life.

 Dreaming about dead cats in a dream by Ibn Sirin:

Seeing the dead cats in your dream is terrible. Dreamers can be surprised due to this dream. The interpretation of this dream could be that a dreamer can face different problems in his life. This dream could be a caution of an enemy.

Dreaming about Slaughter Cats by Ibn Sirin:

According to different interpreters, this dream is a good sign and freedom from the harsh and tough situation of life.

Dreaming about cat urinating by Ibn Sirin:

If someone dreams about a cat urinating, it means some negative people around the dreamer want to deceive him. The presence of negative people can harm the dreamer. 

Frequently asked questions about cats in Islamic dream: 

Q 1: What will be the meaning of cats in Islamic dreams? 

Ans: The interpretation of dreaming about cats could be different. Normally, cats are interpreted as good luck and guardians. 

Q 2: Dreaming about cats is good or bad? 

Ans: Well it depends, For interpretation, you should focus on some basic things like the context of the dream, emotions in the dream etc. After knowing all of these, you can decide whether your dream is good or not. 

Q 3: What will be the meaning of the white cat in the dream? 

Ans: The white cat is a sign of good luck, purity and good opportunities. 


Cats in the Islamic dream could have various meanings. Cats actively assume the role of guardians and caretakers for their families, keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings. Some may interpret this vigilant presence as someone observing them. The sight of a black cat in a dream might signal an impending arrival of negativity or malevolence to the dreamer. Dreaming of cats as pets, on the other hand, signifies a blessing, heralding joy and good times ahead.

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