Seeing Yourself Pregnant In A Dream Islam

Some people see the meaning of these dreams as the starting of a new family. It could be true that some people can experience it before they conceive. We should always take symbolic meanings of our dreams. Every dream can provide us guidance, warning, or a lesson for the next time. Here we will explore the accurate meanings of seeing yourself pregnant in a dream Islam.

Religious meanings of seeing yourself pregnant in a dream Islam: 

In Islam, pregnancy dreams may have different meanings. These meanings can be related to spiritual and personal development. This development will change your life. Soon something will come out as a complete face, which will be incomplete in dreams of past life. For exact interpretation, you should notice the emotions which you feel when you wake up. Here are some spiritual meanings of seeing yourself pregnant in a dream Islam.  

Changing and rising:

Dreaming about being pregnant could represent the meaning of change and growth. It could represent the personal spiritual need and spiritual growth.

Advice from Allah Almighty:

Dreams are considered a way to communicate with Allah. Dreams have a significant place in Islam. According to the Hadith of the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him “ Dreams are forty-sixth parts of prophecy.” (explanation) This dream could be guidance from Allah for a dreamer. Allah is guiding the dreamer toward the right way and providing him with spiritual help.

Manifest and creativity:

Meaning of seeing yourself pregnant in a dream Islam could represent the manifestation and creativity. It also means that you can analyze someone else’s intentions and manifestations in real life.

Productivity and affluence:

Dreaming about being pregnant is a sign of productivity and affluence. This dream could be an indicator for a dreamer that good days are coming in his waking life. Pregnancy dreams can represent financial growth and fertility in real life. 

Resumption and renewal:

Seeing yourself pregnant in a dream Islam could represent resumption and renewal. It could represent the meaning of renewal in spiritual growth. This dream could provide you with a lesson that you should leave your old style of living and keep moving in a new spiritual way.  

Different dreams about pregnancy and their interpretations: 

If you are dreaming about your pregnancy or someone else’s pregnancy, these dreams can carry different meanings. It could be a sign that you are missing someone and you want to meet him. It could be that someone from your family or friend has some good news for you. Here are some analyses about dreaming about pregnancy. 

Analysis of dreaming about your pregnancy:

If you are dreaming about your pregnancy, it means that you are confident about your plans. Many interpreters said if someone dreams that they are pregnant, it means they will be pregnant in real life. This dream is an indicator of what kind of goals you have and how difficult it is.
It could be interpreted as you are trying to make something big in your life. You are working hard on some big projects. Might be your struggle to achieve big opportunities. You need to work hard to achieve your goal.

Analysis of dreaming about someone else’s pregnancy:

If you are dreaming of someone’s pregnancy, it means you are not getting enough respect in your workplace. If this pregnant lady is your friend or a known person then it means they are trying to manipulate you. They are trying to deceive you.  They are using you for their own life. Always be careful in every situation of your life. Keep away yourself from those negative people. And always keep shining.

Analysis of dreaming of an unknown lady is pregnant:

This dream is a sign of a lack of confidence in you to make big decisions in your life. You can not begin anything new, because you do have not enough motivation. You should focus on your dream and try to relax first. Do those things that are your favourite. This will help you to stay calm.

Analysis of dreaming about the birth of a child:

If someone is dreaming about the birth of a child it means you are working on an important plane. These dreams come when you stand in the centre of your work.  

Interpretation by great Islamic scholar Muhammad Ibni Sirin about seeing yourself pregnant in a dream Islam: 

Dreaming about being pregnant or thinking about being pregnant carries various meanings. Interpretation can be changed due to context, feelings, and cultural background. The circumstances of the dreamer’s waking life will also matter for interpretation. Here are interpretations about dreaming of being pregnant according to Muhammad Ibn Sirin. 

  • Ibn Sirin said if someone dreams about pregnancy it means he will get a large amount of money which he will get in his or her life.
  • If someone sees birth time and a baby is coming from the mouth it means the dreamer will die soon. Dreamers will die due to severe diseases.
  • If a dreamer offers istikhara and he sees a pregnancy dream it means he is facing a difficult time in his life and Allah sent an indicator in his dream.
  • If someone sees pregnancy dreams it means some new changes will occur in his life and changes will be in a good sense.
  • If you want to do something in actuality and then you dream about pregnancy it means this dream is an indicator for you. An indicator of your success and you will achieve your goals. You can face hurdles and difficulties in this journey but you will get success.
  • If someone dreams about pregnancy and he is happy in the dream it means he will get good and interesting news in the future.

Dream interpretation of single lady about pregnancy according to different Islamic scholars: 

Thoughts of Muhammad Ibn Sirin :

According to Ibn Sirin if a single woman dreams that she is pregnant it means she is pure and pious. She is afraid of Allah in her heart and she does not commit any sin with attention. This dream is a symbol of her truth and closeness with Allah Almighty. 

Thoughts of Ibn Shaheen:

According to Ibn Shaheen, if a single lady dreams that she is pregnant, it means she will achieve the goal that she wants. She will be successful in her life and she will achieve her goals. 

Thoughts of Al Nabulsi :

The opinion of Al Nabulsi is much different than other Islamic scholars. He said that I analyze dreaming about the pregnancy of a single lady as it carries sorrow and depression. He said when a single girl is conceiving it means she carries big responsibilities and she can not handle it alone. Therefore the interpretation will also be negative of this dream. 

The other opinion of Al Nabulsi about this dream is that if a single girl is pregnant it is sure she committed a big sin and now she is embarrassed. She wants to get rid of this grief and wants to be close to Allah.

Frequently Asked Questions about seeing yourself pregnant in a dream Islam: 

Q 1: Can I take the real meaning of my pregnancy dream? 

Ans: Well, I will say no. Because we should take the symbolic meaning of our dream, not the as it is. We should focus on symbolic signs in our dreams and try to understand them. 

Q 2: Why are we dreaming about pregnancy? What are the reasons? 

Ans: There is no specific reason for these dreams. Sometimes our subconscious mind can trigger us. Dreams can provide us with a better understanding. Dreams are also a way of seeking the best guidance and indicator for any unlikely event. It is not compulsory to have a reason for coming to dream about pregnancy. 

Q 3: What will be the interpretation of dreaming about a married woman giving birth? 

Ans: If a married woman dreams that she is giving birth it means her husband will get success in his job. He will get a lot of lawful money. They feel their circumstances will get better now. This dream is also an indicator that they both are good in charity and both are willing to help others. They will get big rewards here and after. 


Seeing yourself pregnant in a dream in Islam could have both meaning positive and negative. This is a multifaceted topic. Some Islamic scholars have the opinion that this dream has good meanings like blessings and prosperity. Some Islamic scholars have the opinion that dreaming about pregnancy has negative meanings like difficulties and worries in the coming life. Every dream has its context and details. We can not apply the same interpretation to everyone. Everyone has their circumstances.

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