Seeing fish in Dream Islam

Interpretation of seeing fish in dream Islam carries variety in different ways as Dreams hold a significant place in Islam. Especially They believed that dreams were a way to connect with the Divine. According to the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him: “Dreams are forty-six parts of prophecy”

(explanation) In Islamic tradition, fish in dreams carries meanings of messages from Allah. Seeing fish in dream Islam has always been a hot topic among Islamic interpreters. The symbolic meaning of fish dreams also has special meanings in Islam. After knowing the symbolic meaning of dreaming about fish you can get deep insight into a spiritual journey. So here is a deep analysis of seeing fish in dream Islam for more understanding. 

Importance of seeing fish in dream Islam: 

After that fish is believed to be an important sign in dreams in Islam. The symbolic meaning of seeing fish in a dream Islam can help you in spiritual growth. Even fish are also mentioned in the Hadith and Quran. Fish have different specialities like productivity, prosperity, and knowledge. 

Additionally In a dream color of the fish, size, and quantity will matter for exact interpretation. If you are dreaming about a big and horrible fish in your dream it could be interpreted as bad on the other hand If you dream of a big and beautiful fish swimming in the clear water then the interpretation will be good. It is known that Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him also used a fish as a phenomenon to describe education. Like water is important for fish likewise knowledge is also compulsory for muslims. 

We can affiliate fish with spiritual growth. For example, the story of Hazrat Younus A.S, A big fish who eats Hazrat Younus A.S with the permission of Allah. And this was for seeking Allah’s mercy and forgiveness. We can access the meaning of spiritual growth from this story of Hazrat Younus A.S. 

In short, we should focus on our inner selves. If we dream about fish then try to understand its non-literal meaning. Also, try to know what is the message for us in our dream from Allah Almighty. 

Meaning of seeing fish in dream Islam according to different scholars.

Interpretation of dreaming about fish will depend on the context of the dream and feelings in the dream. Circumstances of the dreamer’s life also do matter. Here are some different opinions about seeing fish in dream Islam. 

Thoughts of Ibn Sirin about seeing fish in dream Islam: 
  • According to Muhammad Ibn Sirin R.A. giving a dry fish to someone is a sign of losses and defeats.
  • If a dreamer obtains the waste like bones, blood, and abdomen of a wish, it means he will get wealth and health in real life. He will also get happiness and bounties.
  • If a dreamer catches a giant fish it means he will get married to a rich woman.
Thoughts of Jabar Maghrabi R.A about seeing fish in a dream Islam: 
  • Jabar Maghrabi R.A. is also a great interpreter of Islam. He said if a dreamer is eating a fish or sees the fried fish it means he will get money and bounties in his life.
  • If a dreamer dreams that he is eating a small fish, it means a quarrel will be held soon in his life.
  • If a dreamer sees that he is coming out from the big mouth of a fish it means he is not a truthful person, he is a liar. 
Thoughts of Ismail Isha’at R.A about seeing fish in a dream Islam: 
  • According to Islamic scholar Ismail Ishaat R.A., if a dreamer sells fish in a dream, it means he and his family will get wealth and blessings soon in their life.
  • If a dreamer sees that he is conversing with a fish, it means he will disclose some official secrets. 
Saying of Hazrat Daniyal A.S :

According to Hazrat Daniyal A.S., the interpretation of dreaming about fish will depend on the temperature of the water and the size of the fish. For example: 

  • If a fish is swimming in warm water, it is a sign of hurdles and difficulties.
  • If a fish is swimming in cold water, it means good news and joy.
  • If a dreamer dreams about a tiny fish, it also means hard times and bad luck. If a dreamer sees a big fish in his dream, it could mean good luck and a good time coming soon in his life. 

Symbolic meanings of different coloured fish: 

If someone dreams about fish, he wants to know the meaning of his dream. For interpretation color, size and quantity will matter. Here are some common interpretations of dreaming about coloured fish.  

Golden Fish:

If someone dreams about fish and the fish’s color is golden then it is good for him. Because golden fish is associated with prosperity and wealth. You can say that a dreamer will get more success and big opportunities in his waking life.

Yellow fish:

Yellow fish is also a symbol of peace, joy, and positivity. It could be a sign of getting achievements in the future. It can be a symbol of good days with prosperity.


If someone dreams about red fish it could be interpreted as sincere with his passion and strong feelings about something. Redfish in a dream could represent desire and strong emotions like love, hate, and anger.


Whitefish represent piousness and purity, and it can represent spiritual growth. It could be interpreted as spiritual transformation. 

Fish’s size and quantity and interpretations:

The size and quantity of fish can influence the interpretation of your dream. Before interpreting any dream, you should focus on every aspect and even a single detail of your dream. Here are some common interpretations according to the fish’s size and quantity. 

The small quantity of fish:

If a dreamer sees a few fish in his dream. It means he will face short opportunities in his coming life. Hort will face financial hurdles in real life.

Small fish:

If someone dreams about a small fish it means he will get small and short opportunities for success in his life. This dream could be an indicator of small blessings in his life.

Large fish:

Seeing large fish in a dream could be a positive omen. This dream is a sign of good wealth, health, and great blessings. It is an indicator that a dreamer will get unexpected profits in his life.

Lots of fish:

Dreaming about a lot of fish could be a sign of prosperity and big opportunities in his life. It could be an indicator of great blessings in his life.

Bundle of fish:

If someone sees a huge crowd of fish it could mean that the dreamer needs to work together. The dreamer should be connected with their relations and known persons.

How can we use dreams about fish for our spiritual growth?

Dreams bear great significance in Islam; moreover, fish dreams, in particular, hold a special place within the Islamic context. They are regarded as indicative of spiritual growth. Once we comprehend the precise meaning of our dreams, we can delve into a profound understanding of spirituality. Consequently, exploring the various interpretations of fish dreams can further enrich our spiritual essence. 

Focus on the indicator:

If you find yourself envisioning fish and aspire to establish a connection between your dream and spiritual development, begin by contemplating the dream itself. Initially, delve into the symbolism embedded within your dream. Subsequently, endeavour to correlate the dream with the circumstances of your everyday life.

Ask for help:

For precise interpretation, it is advisable to seek assistance. Initially, you may inquire with a knowledgeable Islamic scholar or engage the services of a qualified professional advisor. These experts possess the expertise to elucidate the precise significance of your dream. Moreover, they can guide you on the path to enhance your spirituality in response to the insights gleaned from your dream.

Rehearsal of mindfulness:

Consistently engage your mind in practice. Moreover, maintain an unwavering focus on every minute of your life. This steadfast dedication will fortify your ability to concentrate on your aspirations. Additionally, make a conscious effort to recall each detail within your dreams. The significance of these seemingly inconspicuous elements cannot be underestimated, as they possess the potential to alter the very interpretation of your dreams. Consequently, this nuanced awareness will catalyze personal growth and contribute to your overall improvement.

Do good actions:

Utilize the interpretation of your dreams to enrich your daily waking existence. Consequently, a heightened sense of positivity will permeate your life, bringing with it an abundance of blessings and fostering a serene peace of mind.

Remorse and seeking forgiveness:

If a dreamer discerns that his dream portends a negative omen, he ought to promptly seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Consequently, to purify his soul, he can conscientiously engage in the process. By doing so, he may cultivate a profound sense of attachment to Allah.

Frequently asked questions about seeing fish in dream Islam: 

Q 1: Seeing fish in dream Islam is positive or negative? 

Ans: The significance of fish in dreams is contingent upon various factors. Initially, fish are often perceived as positive omens. However, the interpretation becomes nuanced when considering elements such as colour, size, and quantity. For instance, the dimensions and abundance of fish can significantly shape the meaning of your dream. Moreover, the colour spectrum adds another layer of symbolism. A large deceased fish, for instance, conveys a negative connotation, while a white fish is emblematic of purity. In essence, the context and characteristics of the fish play a pivotal role in deciphering the dream’s message.

Q 2: Are there any Islamic actions that are affiliated with dreaming about fish? 

Ans: There is no special action to do when you dream about fish. But here are some common things to do. For example: 

  • First of all, ask for forgiveness from Allah Almighty 
  • Write down your dream for remembrance 
  • Seek a piece of knowledge from any good Islamic scholar 
  • Focus on your dream and try to relate it to your waking life. 
  • Take action, like change, improvement, etc.
 Q 3: What will be the interpretation of dreaming about dead fish? 

Ans: Envisioning a deceased fish in a dream may harbour unfavourable connotations. To elaborate, dreaming about dead fish encompasses a spectrum of meanings, such as anxiety, disappointment, and the prospect of financial loss. This could signify an impending period of adversity for the dreamer, forewarning of challenging times ahead. Consequently, the dreamer might find himself in solitude, grappling with difficulties as he navigates through life. In such instances, the absence of support becomes palpable, with both family and friends seemingly withdrawing, leaving the dreamer to confront adversities unaided. 


Observing fish in dreams in Islam holds diverse interpretations. Dreams play a crucial role in Islamic beliefs, serving as a means to glean guidance. It is firmly held that dreams offer insights into the proper path for leading one’s life. Moreover, they serve as a fount of knowledge, presenting indicators and warnings about our existence. The dream of fish, specifically, serves as a symbolic representation of spiritual advancement. It embodies signs of prosperity, blessings, and favourable days ahead. Nevertheless, it is imperative to bear in mind that the size, colour, and quantity of the fish carry significant weight in influencing the dream’s interpretation. Delving into the meanings of our dreams enables us to enhance our spiritual growth.

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