Touching feces in dream meaning in Islam

Have you ever woken up with the question of what touching feces in dream meaning in Islam dreams are always fascinating for humans. But sometimes they could be weird and leave you in confusion. Touching faeces in dreams is a common dream but it could disturb you. Especially then, when you do not know the non-literal meaning of this dream. 

Touching feces in dream meaning in Islam could be negative. If someone dreams that faeces are on his hand, clothes, toilet, and walls it could represent the meaning of negative actions and behaviours in his waking life. This dream could be a sign of you being infamous in your real life. Below we will explore details about touching feces in dream meaning in Islam. 

Symbolism and importance of touching feces in dream meaning in Islam: 

Dreams often lead us on diverse journeys, wielding considerable influence over our emotions. Seeking clarity amidst the confusion and disturbance they may cause, individuals often delve into the interpretation of their dreams. One particularly common yet disconcerting dream involves touching faeces. Despite the unconventional nature of this act in dreams, it carries various symbolic meanings that prompt introspection.

Understanding the specific meaning of touching faeces in a dream necessitates a comprehensive examination of its various facets. It’s crucial to acknowledge the individual and personal nature of dreams, with interpretations varying based on the dreamer’s faith and circumstances. In the context of Islam, touching faeces in a dream may signify feelings of hate and aversion, possibly indicating a need to confront unwelcome situations in one’s life.

The association of faeces with undesirable elements underscores the representation of emotions deemed shameful or detestable. Such dreams serve as mirrors reflecting our inner selves, urging us to analyze our emotions and reassess priorities. Additionally, the dream may symbolize the presence of unwanted and bothersome relationships, echoing the real-life inclination to distance ourselves from faeces. This analogy extends to the need to break free from intrusive individuals compromising our personal space, emphasizing the imperative to terminate toxic relationships.

Alternatively, touching faeces in a dream may symbolize purity, signifying the expulsion of negative thoughts from the mind. Scientifically, faeces represent the body’s excess waste, akin to eliminating emotional burdens. Across cultures, dreaming of faeces is often associated with discarding emotions such as anger, negative feelings, and overthinking. Analogous to the daily disposal of bodily waste, the dream encourages the liberation from emotional baggage, promoting a need to cleanse our lives of detrimental influences.

Examples of touching feces in dream meaning in Islam: 

Touching feces in dream meaning in Islam is a reflection of spiritual cleaning and change in waking life. Mostly dreaming about feces is seen as spiritual growth and progress in good change. Here are some examples of dreaming about faeces in Islam: 

  • If a dreamer sees that he is faeces in a public place like any mosque, park, or graveyard, it means he needs a spiritual transformation. He needs to purify himself in his waking life.
  • If a dreamer sees that he is pooping in some special place like a temple or shine, it could mean that the dreamer needs spiritual change. I
  • If a dream is about that dreamer pooping in his private place it could be interpreted as his inner power, spirit, and strength.
  • If a dreamer dreams that he is defecating in his work or power place like his home or a palace, it could be a sign of spirituality and success. 
  • If a dreamer sees that he is defecating in a divine place, it could be an indicator for a dreamer that he needs spiritual awakening and knowledge about religion. 
Why faeces dreams occur: 

It seems odd to touch feces but it is a very common dream for humans. You could feel confused and disgusted after waking up. But what is the reason that these dreams come in our sleep and seem very weird? Is it just an imaginary dream or does it have any particular meaning? Here are some possible details about this dream and why faeces dreams occur. 

Psychological explanation:

Psychology is a must in our lives. We make so many decisions with the help of psychology. If we do a psychological analysis of our dream about faeces, we can interpret it in many ways. Here are some psychological explanations.

Feeling disgusting and shameless 
A desire to handle situations 
Express stressed emotions 
Fear of defeat and losing something 
Need for self-maintenance

Religious and traditional explanation:

Touching feces in dream meaning in Islam can vary depending on the culture and religion. Every culture and religion has its own specifications and spiritual beliefs. Some cultures consider touching faeces as a bad omen. They believed that touching faeces was a sign of loss and a negative force.
Some other cultures associated touching faeces with fertility, productivity, and prosperity. Here are some possible cultural and spiritual meanings of dreaming about touching faeces.

Explanation  of china culture :

In Chinese culture dreaming about touching feces has positive meanings. They use faeces as a fertilizer in their crops. It is to earn money for them. So they interpret this dream as a sign of productivity and prosperity.

Explanation of United States culture:

In the United States, faeces are considered to be a need for purity and cleaning. It could be a sign of negative emotions in your daily life. These negative feelings will pollute your waking life. So you should work on it.

Explanation of African culture:

Touching faeces in dreams could have spiritual meaning in African culture. They believe that seeing faeces in a dream is a sign of leaving old and unwanted beliefs and needing a new and accurate religion.

Explanation of Islamic culture:

Touching feces in dream meaning in Islam in many ways. The first possible meaning is that dreaming about touching faeces is a sign of spiritual cleansing in a dreamer’s life. On the other hand, the second meaning is that pooping in a dream could be an indicator of some kind of danger in the dreamer’s life. 

Touching feces in dream meaning in Islam and symbolic significance according to different contexts: 

All dreams have their symbolic meanings. We should never take our dreams as they are. To understand the exact meaning of our dreams we should deeply analyze our dreams and every single detail. This will help you to know the exact meanings of your dream. Here are touching feces in dream meaning in Islam in different contexts. 

1: Dreaming about touching your feces and its interpretation in Islam:

Dreaming about touching your faeces is a weird and awkward dream. It could be a very disturbing dream and leave you in confusion. It is true that dreams are individual and have symbolic meanings. We never take the literal meaning of our dreams. In this case, possible interpretations will be:

Feelings of overcontrol and depression due to your responsibilities.

If you are dreaming about touching feces it could mean that you are stressed due to your responsibilities. It might be possible that you are facing a difficult time in your waking life and your mind is trying to use feces as a symbol.

Feeling shameless or disgusted about any incident in life:

If someone dreams that he is touching his feces it means he is feeling guilty or shameless about any recent or old incident of his life. It could be about your professional and private life or any mistake from your past. This dream can be a signal that you should get rid of these feelings.

The unsolved issue about your health and cleaning:

If you are overly conscious about your hygiene and health then you dream about touching your feces. It means that you have some incomplete issues about your health. You should focus on your health.

2: Dreaming about touching the faeces of animals:

Dreaming about touching animal faeces is a sign of fear of overcontrol by nature. Here are some possible explanations for dreaming about touching animal faeces. 

Touching wild animal’s faeces:

If you are dreaming that you are touching the faeces of a wild animal, it means you have a fear that you could be overwhelmed by others in your waking life. This dream is a sign to tell you that you should be careful when dealing with others.

Touching pet animal’s faeces:

This dream could be an indicator that you have to pay attention to your responsibilities in your relationships.

Touching faeces of farm animals:

This dream is a sign of prosperity and productivity in the dreamer’s life. Dreaming about touching the faeces of farm animals could also be a sign of more land. 

Dreaming about touching faeces in a park or any public place: 

Pooping in a public place is a weird and unlike act. It could be a depressing dream. This dream can leave you in confusion and embarrassment. Here are some common interpretations of touching faeces in public places. 

Fear of feelings about indignity from others:

This dream could be a sign of a fear of being disgraced by others in your daily waking life. It can be a symptom that you are frightened due to being judged by others. You should fix your problems and live your life in peace.

Fear of declamation:

This dream could be a sign of self-inferiority. This dream could be a sign that the dreamer has a fear in his heart that he will be made fun of by others. Therefore he feels insecure in his waking life. He should get rid of these feelings in his daily waking life.

Fear of non-acceptance from society:

If someone dreams that he is pooping in public areas, it means he has a fear of society’s rejection. Might be possible you are feeling insecure about any special group or people from your surroundings. You should work on it and discuss your problem with any trusted person from your family or friends.

Fear of being exposed:

These dreams could be a fear of dreamers that could be exposed at any time in society. He should have some secrets and he is not willing to tell anyone. 

Frequently asked questions about touching feces in dream meaning in Islam:

Q 1: Is there any compatibility between our emotions and dreaming about touching faeces? 

Ans: Yes, there is a very common compatibility between our emotions and dreaming about touching faeces. Especially our negative and repressed emotions.

Q 2: Can we relate our dreams about touching faeces to our spirituality? 

Ans: Yes we can relate our dreams about touching feces with our spirituality. Because in some traditions, faeces are considered as a purification and good change. 

Q 3: Touching feces in dream meaning in Islam is positive or negative? 

Ans: Hmm well, it is not compulsory that always dreaming about faeces is a bad omen. The meaning of your dream will be based on the situation and details. 


Touching feces in dream meaning in Islam could be several. We should accept that dreams are a way to know about our emotions and priorities in our waking life. Although dreaming about touching faeces is a weird and unpleasant dream, we should pay attention to this dream. Interpretation will depend on the single detail of our dream like the smell of faeces, the colour of faeces, and the location. This dream could have both good and bad meanings according to context.

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