Islamic meaning of urinating in a dream

Dreams hold very important meanings in any culture including Islam. Islamic meaning of urinating in a dream may be different. Every dream has interpretations that are according to the dreamer`s circumstances. So, Islamic meaning of urinating in a dream actually carries broad symbolism and in someone’s religious and emotional condition, it can provide awareness. 

In the Islamic point of view, this dream reflects a scope of interpretations, which are purification, emotional free or alarming sign of someone’s subconscious mind. So, lets try to deeply understand the Islamic meaning of urinating in a dream.

Islamic meaning of urinating in a dream

Dreams are a magical and interesting feature of human experience. In Islam dreams are messages from Allah. When you are dreaming about urination, there are different interpretations in Islamic culture. 

In Islam, Salah (prayer) is a very important act of worship, and for this you have to be pure. Due to urination, purity can not remain. For the next Salah you have to need wudu (ablution). Therefore you can relate this dream to a spiritual dream.

  • One meaning of urinating in a dream will be related with puriness. Just as your body`s purification is must, dreaming about urination may be a sign of purifying your inner. It could be a reminder to purify yourself and ask for help from Allah. Another Islamic meaning of urinating in a dream could be a release from emotions and psych issues. 

As you know urinating is a natural function in your body. Urinary system cleanses your body from wastage. Similarly, you need to cleanse your negative thinking and emotions from your mind. It could be a sign that you leave your negative thoughts and move on with a fresh mind.  

  • Another Islamic meaning of urinating in a dream can also be a symbol of cleansing yourself and improvement. Likewise urine clears out the waste and toxins from the body, likewise your soul needs to clean from the negative emotions and negative thoughts. It might be a call to stay happy and productive in your life. 

Islamic meaning of urinating in a dream according to great Islamic scholar Ibn Sirin

Every culture has different meanings of dreams according to their traditions. Because the meaning of the dreams always depends on the dreamer’s life. Here are some dream interpretations by Ibn Sirin, 

  • Interpretation of urinary dream:
    Islamic meaning of urinating in a dream may be different according to the situation. For example if you are dreaming about urinating in the sea, it does mean paying a fine or giving charity to someone. If a dream is about urinating in a valley, it will mean the growth of family. Meaning of dreaming about urinating with smell in front of people is that of exposing himself in public.
  • Explanation of urinating in the bathroom:
    If someone dreams of urinating in the bathroom, it is a symbol that the dreamer will find relief from his sorrow and difficulties. If he is fightend due to anything, he will soon find happiness and if he is suffering from any diseases then he will get rid of them. 

Islamic meaning of urinating in a dream according to different Islamic scholars

Generally urine is the symbol of spending or wasting money. Sometimes spending money could be illegal. Different interpretations will 

  • Urinating: The dreamer will spend money and he will benefit from that.
  • Smoothly urinating: The money will go away soon. All savings will finish with time.
  • Someone’s pee containing: This dream has the meaning of someone will be angry with his wife. 
  • Holding urine or facing difficulty in urinating: The meaning of this dream will be that the dreamer is hurrying in things and due to hurry, he is making wrong decisions.
  •  Dreaming about urinating in an unknown place: The meaning is that the dreamer will marry some woman or bondwoman and grow their family. 
  • Urinating in water well: It does mean that dreamers will spend money and this will be illegal. 
  • Urinating on something: Dreamer will face a loss. 
  • Urinating or holding some urine by a rich man: The rich man will lose half of his half money. 
  • Sad man urinating and holding back some urine: It is a sign that the sad person will have some limited relief from his sorrows. 
  • Dreaming about urinating in drops: Money will be paid back in episodes.

What does Islamic religion say about the meaning of a dream about urinating? 

Islamic theory holds great importance in dreams. And considers dreams a connection between person and Allah. As it is believed that dreams are a guide for the future. Therefore understanding the meaning of dreams is a very important part of Islamic theology. 

When dreams come with urination, Islamic scholars interpret these dreams on the basis of already settled rules. It is important to note that rather than taking exact meanings Islam takes the dreams in a figurative way. 

The first Islamic meaning of urinating in a Islam could be a symbol of cleansing and purification. Likewise urine flushes out the extra toxic and waste from the body, exactly the same. You have to flush out negative thinking from your mind and stay positive. 

It could be a sign that dreaming is trying to purify itself, and seeking help to avoid all of this negativity. Moreover Islamic tradition mentioned about urination in shame and modesty. As you know, urinating in public places is considered bad manners. This is not acceptable in Islamic tradition. Therefore if you are dreaming about urination it could be indication of shame, guilt or you have to need self control. 


Q 1: What is the Islamic meaning of urinating in a dream? 

Ans : In Islamic teachings, urinating dreams could be a sign of the need of spiritually and physically purification. It also could be a sign of cleaning yourself from negative thinking

Q 2: Can a Urinating dream be considered as a spiritual dream? 

Ans: Yes you can say, It may be a sign of a need to clear your inner self, if your inner self is pure then you can enjoy the worship. Therefore you can relate this dream as a spiritual dream. 

Q 3 : What should be done when dreaming about urinating comes again and again in Islam? 

Ans: If someone dreams about urination, it could mean seeking spiritual help through the Salah (prayer) and seeking forgiveness. You can do ablution or take a bath for more satisfaction. For more satisfaction you can contact a good Islamic scholar. 


On the whole, Islamic meaning of urinating in a dream could be different. The meaning will depend on the dreamer’s daily life, his emotions and faith. It could be a symbol of something happening in your life. It may symbolize purification and cleansing in your life. Due to paying attention to your dream, you can get the real meaning of the dream. And you can work on yourself to grooming your personality. 

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