Dreaming of someone dying who is still alive in Islam

Dreaming of someone dying who is still alive in Islam may have various interpretations. Dreams always depend on daily circumstances and your feelings about anything. Dreams are basically history and images that our brain creates when we close our eyes. They can be different about anything. There are different theories about why we dream, like 

  • Represent senseless desires
  • Interpreting irregular waves from the mind and body. 
  • Responding to external motives. 
  • Forgetting inessential information 

and of course many more.

Fast Facts about dreams

  • Dreams may not be remembered after some time. But a person can think about dreams 3 to 6 times a day.
  • It is a fact that the time of one dream can be 5 to 20 minutes. 
  • When we wake up, we forget  around 95 percent of our dreams. 
  • We can seek help from dreams to retain our old memories. 
  • A big fact is that sightless people can dream more than those who can see.
dreaming of someone dying who is still alive in Islam

What does dreaming of death mean in Islam? 

If you see in the dream that someone is losing his life in Islam. It could have different meanings and all of those meanings are depending on daily life`s circumstances and details of dream. Death can be a symbol of spiritual faith, divorce, regret and compunction. 

It can also symbolize a warning, a religious development, a success and  awareness. Dreaming about death could be a reminder of death and make the important preparations for death.

Symbolism of dreaming of someone dying who is still alive in Islam

The symbol of dreaming of someone dying who is still alive in Islam may be of hope and rebirth. You can say this idea comes from back centuries, when people believed that someone’s death is life for a new baby. Even if you are dreaming of someone who is still alive in Islam could be a symbol of chance to focus on development and progress. This may be a reminder that your life has no limits, and you can get regard from difficult circumstances. 

What will be the interpretation of dreaming of someone dying who is still alive in Islam? 

Death of people who are still having life can be mean in different methods. It could be a symbol of rebirth or something new will occur in your life. This dream may be a sign of changing your lifestyle. If you are dreaming of someone’s death, it means this dream is fear-based which can produce the feelings of fear and confusion. 

You can access many meanings from this dream depending on the situation and real importance of the relationship with the man who died in your dream. 

It is possible that you are trying to avoid some certain behaviors that are obstacles for you to move forward. In this sense, dreams are good because you leave the things that are not beneficial for your happy growth in your life. 

Some different indications of dreaming of someone dying who is still have life in Islam: 

  • The imaginative death of anyone
  • Some pending problems
  • Discloses the any person’s behavior 
  • Some thing new wants to come 
  • May be an indication of some trouble 
  • Sign of depression and insecurity 
  • Could be renovation or rebirth 
  • Extreme fear of death 
dreaming of someone dying who is still alive in Islam

Spiritual meanings of dreaming someone dying who is still alive in Islam

Dreaming of someone dying who is still alive in Islam may have very deep meaning. Especially, due to this spiritual thinking, a person can connect himself with Allah. 

Therefore, when you are dreaming of someone dying who is still alive in Islam may be a very important sign of  what is to come in the future. Dreaming of someone who is still having a life in Islam can hold great meanings. Many people believe that these dreams can carry secret messages with them. 

Obviously not, how can it be lucky? It is all based on how to mean this dream. Your interpretation can represent the special blessings or disaster for the dreamer. And on the other hand, dreaming about death can also give insight that you are dealing with, like trouble in the middle or the expiration date of your life. It will depend on your culture. Some people consider this dream a bad omen. They believe that dreamer will die soon. This dream is unlucky for him.

But this dream could be a sign of goodness that our inner self can work in fear and depressed feelings. 

How can you interpret dreams? 

  • First of all, when you wake up, write your dream on paper. Write all details of your dream which you remember. 
  • Think about the pattern. Ask your mind what this symbol means to you. And what is the connection with your daily routine?
  • Focus on the main thing of your dream or the sign you are dreaming again and again and then relate it with your life.
  • Examine how your dream reflects your life. It may be a sign of warning or a motivation.
  • Take a step, think about your dreams and how your dreams can guide you in your daily life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: What would you interpret if you were dreaming of dying yourself?

Generally, this dream has different interpretations. Such as fear of death, anxiety and depression, need to transform yourself.

Q 2: What is the meaning of dreaming of someone dying who is still living in Islam? 

Dreaming of someone dying who is not dead in Islam can be interpreted in different types. It depends on the context, details of dream and circumstances of the dreamer`s life. It could be a sign of ending your career, it could be a symbol of fear of death. Moreover, it could also be a symbol of improving yourself. 

All dreams depend on faith and your daily life. You can interpret this dream in multiple ways. Gently the interpretation will be a warning, transformation. 


Overall, it is confirmed that dreaming of someone dying who is still alive in Islam may have special religious connection. Whatever we see in dreams, can be an important message about an inner truth of our life. This dream could be a warning to leave something from your past and you should move on. 

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