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End of the world dream meaning Islam may be different. All dreams have different interpretations. Because interpretations depend on the dreamer’s daily life and emotions in the dream with details. Most dreams are related to our daily life. Moreover, sometimes they show us those incidents which we felt or observed. Also, sometimes dreams show us stories that show us a new world or a new situation. 

Furthermore, sometimes we can see our thoughts and feelings through our dreams in a new deep way. Dreams help us to accept reality and can guide us about how to treat any situation. However, the end of the world is a common dream in Islam. These dreams usually come when some big or major occasion is held in your life. 

Different dreams and interpretations of the end of the world

Every dream has its details. Therefore, every dream’s interpretation will depend on the situation and emotions in the dream. So, here are some end-of-the-world dreams meaning Islam.

Dreaming about the ending of the world is nearby 

If you dream that the world is near to ending, it means you are under heavy stress. It might be a warning that you are feeling helpless. Also, the situation in which you have is not controllable by you, you are helpless in real life.

Dreaming about protecting the world from the ending

This dream could be a good one. If someone dreams that he is saving the wolf from its ending, telling you that you are very good and confident in your talent. You know how to continue your success. You should not permit others to question your success.

Try to find your family while the world is ending in a dream

This is a horrible scene. If you dream that you are finding your family and the world is going to end, you will wake up with a sweating body. This dream might be a sign that your life is facing a difficult time. It could also be a warning sign that something is going to happen in your life or your family’s life.

Escaping from the end of  the world in a dream 

If you are dreaming that you are surviving the end of the world, it means this dream is showing your behaviour about any bad situation in your waking life and you believe that it is very bad.

End of the world due to aliens’ attack in the dream 

If you dream that aliens are attacking the world and it is the end of the world, it does mean that you will face some difficulties in your work soon. Something bad may happen. You should be replaced with another person from your place. 

What will the end of the world dream mean in Islam? 

The end of the world dream means Islam may be different. Dreams are fascinating topics for humans. Moreover, dreams can be interpreted in different styles and different ways according to their details and the dreamer`s life situation. However, dreams hold a very important place in Islam. They believed that dreams were a source for communicating to Allah Almighty. 

In dreams, one common dream is the end of the world. This dream could have different interpretations. When you dream about the last day of the world then you should take it in symbolic meaning. In Islam, the end of the world is the final day in the world. This day is also called Judgment Day or Qiyamah. This is a time when everything will disappear, just people will remain with their actions. 

You should realize the non-literal meaning of a dream about the ending day of the world. If someone is facing challenges and difficult times in his real life, he can see the dream as the end of the world. Therefore, It is compulsory that you take the non-literal meaning of this dream. Never interpret this dream as a real meaning. 

Islamic education teaches us that just Allah knows about the future. We can not analyze the future of the world. Therefore, always be careful of interpretations of the dreams. So, to understand the right interpretation, you should seek guidance from any good Islamic scholar. 

Is dreaming about the end of the world a familiar dream for Muslims? 

Dreams are very complicated things for humans. Sometimes you can see clear and vivid dreams, sometimes you can see horrible and strange dreams. In all dreams, one common dream is about the finishing of the world. However, dreams are important in Islam. Dreams could be a source of communication between humans and Allah. 

Ending the world dream meaning Islam could be symbolic. If someone dreams about the end of the world, it is important to know that Islam already teaches us about the last day of the world. And many holy books including the Quran tell us about it even Hadiths are also available about the last day of the world.

According to the final day of the world, the end of the world dream means Islam is not normal. This dream could be a symbol of depression, fear, hope and expectations. However, dreams will depend on the details and feelings in the dream. According to some scholars, these dreams could be a sign of a reminder for the last day of real life. And an indication for preparing for that. One most important thing is that you should not take these dreams as a real meaning or as a prophetic, these dreams could be someone’s fear, imaginary thoughts and subconscious mind. 

The end of the world dream means Islam according to different Islamic scholars

The interpretation of this dream will be different. So, many Islamic scholars interpret this dream in various ways. 

  • Dreaming that the end of the world and you are alone:
    This dream will be interpreted as the dreamer will die soon.
  • Dreaming about watching all the cruelty of the last day:
    It means that all matters will be returned to normal like justice will take the place of injustice.  

End of the world dream meaning Islam by Ibn Sirin

The great scholar Ibn Sirin interpreted this dream in a different way. Dreaming about the expiration of the world could be a horrible dream. But this dream has very important messages for you. According to Ibn Sirin, if you see the earth breaking or swallowing, it means there is some good news for you. Which could be an invitation to worship and might be a warning. It could also be an indication of thinking about the afterlife and preparation for that.  Moreover, if a dream is about the end of the world with fire, it means the dreamer wants to run from the responsibilities.

How can I realize that the dream of the end of the world is an important dream? 

To understand the accurate meaning of the dream, we should analyze the dream step by step. The steps are: 

  • Step 1:
    Think about your dream with peace. After that write down all the characters, emotions and symbols of the dream.
  • Step 2:
    Concentrate on the dream`s feelings and think deeply about which sign or situation can represent your life or matter. 
  • Step 3:
    Think about the dream that has any resemblance between your real life and the situation in the dream. It could be your fear, thoughts or any incomplete wishes. 
  • Step 4:
    Focus on your dream. Maybe it is a sign of something. Think about your dream and find a way how you can use these indications or guidance in your waking life.  
  • Step 5:
    Never discuss your dream with anyone. To understand accurate interpretation you can seek help from any good Islamic scholar.

FAQs about the end of the world dream meaning Islam

Q 1: What is the end of the world dream meaning Islam? 

Ans: End of the world dream meaning Islam could be a reflection of your fear, depression or worry about Judgment day. It could be a reminder to prepare for the next life.  

Q 2: Is dreaming about the expiration of the world bad or good? 

Ans: Well, it is not sure that this dream is bad. You can consider this dream as a reminder or an alarming sign.

Q 3: Is dreaming about the end of the world scary? 

Ans: if someone sees the dream with the ending of the world, he will be scared. But always remember that never take a dream as a literal meaning, Take the symbolic meaning of the dream. Might be possible interpretation will not be scary. 


Overall, dreams are a reflection of our thoughts and feelings. End of the world dream meaning Islam could be symbolic. However, this dream holds significance in Islam. Therefore, you can seek guidance from the Islamic scholar about this dream and understand the exact meaning of what are the indications and warnings and what can you do in your waking life.

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