Dream of someone getting married Islam 

Dream of someone getting married Islam could have a different meaning. Marriage is an important part of life in humans. It is considered as a spiritual growth in Islam. It is a way to fulfill our desires within the boundaries of Allah. 

Dreaming about marriage is a symbol of deep affiliation with any relationship and could be a desire to start a family. Marriage is a gift from Devine. It is a belief that a happy and righteous marriage can beat inner desires. It helps in spiritual growth. According to the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him “Marriage is the half part of faith”  (explanation) 

Theory of marriage in a dream:

Dreams hold deep traditional and personal importance for many people. Marriage dreams could be a reflection of dedication, unification, and cooperation. So, dreams can provide you with significant meanings. 

In old times, two families considered marriage a strategic affiliation between them. With the changing of societies, the purpose of marriage also changed. Now marriage is just a celebration of two people, love and unity between two people. Now marriage becomes a just partnership and support between them.

The symbolic meaning of a dream of someone getting married Islam:

If a dreamer dreams that someone is getting married to his real partner it does not mean that he is disloyal. You will never take the literal meaning of your dream. Every dream has its symbolic meaning. Dreams provide us with guidance, warning, and indications. Every dream symbolizes something else.

Dreaming about getting married to someone else is the symbol of a new beginning. It could be a sign of finding new ways to get something new. You can interpret it as self-building. 

Traditional point of view of dreaming about marriage: 

Different traditions and societies can change the meanings of our dreams. Dreaming about someone getting married could be a sign of happiness and good days in your life. It could be a sign of creativity and prosperity. On the other hand, in many cultures dreaming about weddings is a symbol of negative meaning. It also could be a sign of unfulfilled wishes for some needs. 

Dreaming about marriages provides us a way to explore ourselves. It could be an indicator of paying attention to our life and we should try to fix all the mess of our life. These dreams are a sign of finding subconscious desires and fears in our hearts. Due to these dreams, we can get a deep understanding of ourselves and our relationships. 

Meaning of dream of someone getting married Islam:

The meaning of a dream is very individual and private. Emotions and beliefs can influence the meaning of your dreams. After knowing some common meanings of dreaming about someone getting married you can get a deeper meaning of your different dreams about marriage. 

Dreams are super mysterious and fascinating. Dreams can leave the dreamer with many questions and confusion. Sometimes they can leave a long-term effect on the dreamer’s mind. If someone sees marriage with someone else, it could be a dreamer’s relative, a friend or it could be his ex, these dreams could have very complicated meanings. Here are some explanations of the dream of someone getting married Islam.

Meaning of dreaming of marrying with a stranger:

If someone is dreaming that someone is getting married to a stranger it could mean that this is a symbol of freshness and excitement. It could be an indicator of coming out of a comfort zone and a desire to get new opportunities. This dream could represent those qualities that you want to see in your partner.

Meaning of dreaming of marrying with a friend:

If someone dreams about marrying a friend it could mean that you have deep emotions or feelings for that person. It could be a representation of the needs of that person in your life. Friends have a significant role in our lives. They provide us with supportive behavior in our difficult times. They can understand us in any situation in our lives. If someone is dreaming that he is mayring with a friend, it is an indication of a wish of connection with that friend.

Meaning of dreaming of a wedding with an ex:

Dreaming about getting married to an ex could be complicated and emotional. These dreams are a reflection of your past’s incomplete relationships and unsolved problems. These dreams are inviting you to solve your problems which are seeking time from you. If we say that these dreams are a recall of a memory of your old days, that would be good words. 

On the other hand, this dream could be a warning for you to remember your old days and could be an invitation to remember a lesson. It could be a reminder of personal spiritual growth. This dream is a lesson to know your mistakes and try to never do them again in your life. 

What will be meant by a dream of someone getting married Islam: 

What will be the meaning of your wedding dream while you are in a relationship:

If you are dreaming that your wedding is going on in your dream, while you are already in a relationship in your waking life, it could mean that someone is very important to you. This dream could be a celebration in your waking life. It could also symbolize your spirit of moving on in your new relationship.
You can access the meaning of this dream that a new relationship will begin soon in your life. Any new love will appear in your life. If you are dreaming about your wedding and you are already married, it means some big changes will occur soon in your life.

The meaning of your wedding dream while you are single:

The meaning of the dream of your wedding while you are single could be positive. If you are awake with this dream and you also do have not any special person in your life, it means that you are sure about your passion and work. You should want respect for yourself and your work from others.
This dream can also invite you to pay attention to yourself. You might need to know about you and your passions. In short, this dream is called self-discovery.
Meaning of dreaming about attending someone else wedding:

If you are dreaming that you are attending someone else’s wedding it means you have a wish that your relationship will become strong. Marriage in a dream can bring different meanings like love, new relationships and partnership.
Although marriage is an interesting time for all, if you see some unexpected event then you should pay attention to your dream. If your feelings are upset in your dream then you should be ready for anything in your life.

Meaning of dreaming about marrying with an unknown person:

If you already have a person who loves you or he is your fiance in your waking life but you dream that you are marrying someone strange. You dream that he is loving you or something else. It means you have a wish in your heart that your partner does like this in your real life. This dream could be advice that you should share with your partner that these things irritate you about your relationship. You should fix all those issues between you and your partner.

Interpretation of dreaming about marrying that person who is unseen in your dream:

If you are dreaming about your wedding and suddenly you notice you can not see your groom in your dream, it means that you are a bit confused about your relationship in your waking life. You have not decided yet whether you will continue your relationship or not. This dream could be a symbol that you are trusting of others. You should trust in yourself. You have to move on with full confidence.
Meaning of dreaming about eloping marriage:

An elope marriage is a marriage in which a couple gets married in secret. A secret from their friends and family. It does not matter what place and time. This dream could be a symbol of a change in your life. In a family, you could be over-controlled by them. In this case, you can not make decisions freely. Might be possible that you want freedom. This dream could represent your feelings.

Different opinions about the dream of someone getting married to Islam by different Islamic scholars:

Interpretations vary. Your dream’s context and details do matter for interpretation. The meaning of this dream will depend on gender and situation. Here are different opinions about this dream according to different Islamic scholars. 

Opinion of Ibni Sirin (R.A):
  • If someone dreams that he is getting married or someone getting married, it means they will get married in their real life.
  • If a married person dreams that he is getting married it means he wants respect in his waking life.
  • If a lady dreams that he is getting married and she is in a bridal dress it means she will face a loss in her life.
  • If a man sees that he is getting married to a woman and he knows who she is, it means he will die soon. 
Opinion of Imam Sadiq (R.A) : 
  • If someone dreams that he is getting married to an unmarried girl and having sex with her, it means he will get wealth in his life. Any difficult time will become easy soon in his waking life.

Frequently asked questions regarding the Islamic perspective on dreams of someone getting married:

Q 1: In the event that an individual envisions marrying a deceased woman, what might be the interpretation?

Ans: The interpretation hinges on the specific context of the dream. It could signify that the dreamer will attain long-lost desires, thus imbuing the dream with positive connotations.

Q 2: Is dreaming about marriage inherently positive or negative?

Ans: Well, the assessment varies; generally, marriage in dreams symbolizes wisdom, love, and dignity.

Q 3: How should one interpret dreaming of a pregnant woman getting married?

Ans: If a pregnant woman envisions her marriage in a dream, it foretells the birth of a baby girl. Conversely, dreaming of a wedding night during pregnancy suggests the birth of a baby boy.


The interpretation of dreams involving someone getting married in Islam holds diverse meanings, depending on the dreamer’s circumstances and the dream’s context. Such dreams, reflect unmet desires and affection, intrigue and prompt self-reflection. If you dream of someone getting married, take proactive steps to unravel the underlying reasons and address them.

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