Dream of house on fire Islam

If someone sees a dream of a house on fire in Islam, it could mean that the members of the dreamer will quarrel between them. There will be strong emotions between his family members. Dream of House on Fire Islam could have different meanings. Interpretations always vary depending on the situation and every little detail of the dream. Generally, this dream has a meaning of dispute and separation. If someone sees that his house is on fire, it means the dreamer has feelings of fear and inner weakness in some matters of his life. 

This dream can symbolize the different parts of your life. For example wealth, health, family, and your job. If someone dreams that he is trying to suppress a light fire, it could mean that he is trying to create an evil war between people. 

Different opinions about Dream of House on Fire Islam by different Islamic scholars: 

Dreams hold a significant place in Islam. Dreams are known as a way to connect with Allah. House on fire is a fascinating topic. Different Islamic scholars have different opinions about the dream of house on fire Islam. Here are some opinions of Islamic scholars. 

  • Opinion of Hazrat Daniyal A.S:
    The saying of Hazrat Daniyal A.S that if someone dreams that his house is on fire and his body is burning in the fire and you are not afraid of this situation, it could mean that you will face some serious diseases like frostbite, plague, and rubella. This dream could be a reflection of hardships and hurdles in a dreamer’s life.
  • Opinion of Ibraheem Karmaani:
    If someone sees a fire in someone’s house, it means the dreamer will face serious sedition and war in his waking life, after that he will become a ruler.
    If a trader sees the dream that his shop and goods are on fire, it means the dreamer should take some serious steps for his business, leave his work before a big loss, and never trust anyone in his life.
  • Opinion of Hazrat Joseph A.S:
    If someone dreams about his house on fire and all of his stuff is burning, it is because of the ruler of the time.
  • Opinion of Imam Sadiq A.S:
    Imam Sadiq A. S said if someone sees the burning house, it could be interpreted as he finished hard painful diseases like cancer, AIDS, and heart diseases. If a fire was burning in his dream, it meant his small sins would be forgiven by the Divine. This dream also reflects the meaning that the dreamer will fulfill his big desire. 

What is the significance and interpretation of dreaming about fire? 

Dreaming about fire holds a very deep meaning in Islam. Dreaming of fire is considered both bad and good omen. Of course details and circumstances of the dreamer`s life also will matter for accurate interpretation, and these aspects can influence our dreams interpretation. Here are a few relatable meanings of fire dreams. 

  • If someone dreams that fire is everywhere, even in every single corner, it could mean that the dreamer will get more success and respect in front of other people.
  • If a dreamer sees fire on his body and fire is not harming his body, it could mean that the dreamer will get a good fate and success in the coming days. 
  • If the dreamer sees that some people are striking the fire, it could mean that they will attack their enemies.
  • If someone dreams that a fire is burning with a big wood, it could mean that war or rottenness will occur on land.
  • If someone experiences dreaming about fire without light, it could mean the dreamer will face a swear headache.
  • If someone dreams that a fire is burning and it has light in it, it means the dreamer will get good news from his close family like his son, daughter, or any close member of the family. The size of the fire will decide his wealth and success.
  • If someone dreaming about fire smoke is in war, it could mean that fear will come into the ruler’s heart.
  • If a person sees fire smoke in a battle place, it signifies the swear diseases like aids, cancer, rubella, smallpox, etc.
  • If someone dreams that a fire is in the market, it signifies a lack of justice.
  • If someone dreams that the fire is on the dreamer’s door, it could mean the rulers of the time are not good.
  • If someone dreams of a fire on someone’s clothes, it could mean that there is a possibility of fear, trouble, and disaster for that person.
  • If someone dreams that he is on fire, it could mean that the dreamer will suffer hurdles and difficulties in his life. 

The religious meaning of a dream of House on Fire Islam: 

Have you ever seen a house on fire in your life? It could be a horrible dream. If someone dreams about fire in any house, he will want to know the meaning of this dream. If you see a dream of a house on fire Islam, it could give you happiness and also give a warning sign. It varies depending on how you lead your life and your lifestyle. So let’s disclose the general and spiritual meaning of dreams of hose on fir in different situations. 

Dream of house on fire Islam:

If someone sees the dream of house on fire Islam, it could have a different meaning. The house is a compulsory part of the dream. This type of dream is common but they can also scare you. It can also interpretation that something will happen in your life.
This dream could be a symbol that something wrong will happen in your family. You should protect your family and you should share this problem with your family members. It is also a symbol that the dreamer does not have inner peace in his life. This dream shows your inner fear, focus on your fear and try to get rid of it.

 Dreaming about an empty house on fire:

If someone dreams that a fire is burning an empty house, it means the dreamer will face difficulties and tensions in his waking life. This dream shows that the dreamer will become a free person. He will make decisions about his life and his decisions will affect his life directly.
An empty house in a dream represents that you are only in this problem. It could also be a sign that you are in serious loss but you can not share with someone.

Dreaming about putting out house on fire:

Such a dream is a sign of warning and also motivation for the dreamer. This dream is an indication of some problem among you and your partner or any other family member. You should focus on it and try to solve all problems. Dreaming about putting out house on fire is also a sign that the dreamer could have health issues and he should focus on his health. Otherwise, he will lose his health soon in his waking life.

Dreaming about a new house on fire:

This dream could have the meaning of a new chapter, which is coming soon in the dreamer’s life. This chapter could be positive and negative too. The dreamer should prepare himself for any coming situation.

Dreaming about protecting yourself from a house on fire:

You can take this dream as a positive side. Do not have to be upset about your dream. This dream is a positive message for you. This dream could be scary but it means you will get a solution to your problem in your waking life.

Dreaming about an old house on fire:

If someone dreams that an old house is on fire, it means you faced an unwanted situation in the past but now you will feel free because your old problems are burning. You will start new with happiness in your life

Frequently asked questions about the dream of house on fire Islam:

Q 1: Dream of house on fire Islam is good dream or a bad dream? 

Ans: Well it depends, this dream could have both meanings. For accurate interpretation, you should analyze the details and situation of the dream.

Q 2: What can I do when I see a scary fire dream? 

Ans: First of all seek help from Allah Almighty. And then recite the dua of a bad dream. Don’t discuss your dream with anyone. Just you can discuss your dream with any Islamic scholar or advisor. Giving charity is also a good act. 

Q 3: What reflects the dream of fire in Islam? 

Ans: Normally fire reflects the anger of Allah. It could also be a sign of coming troubles and hurdles. Fire also represents the meaning of purifying and spiritual cleaning.


The dream of house on fire Islam could have various meanings. Dreaming about a house on fire provides you with the meaning of change, transformation, hurdles, challenges, and spiritual growth and purification. Dream of house on fire Islam can invite you to know about your goal in life. It is also a warning for you. You should always prepare for any unwanted situation. Maintain your affiliation with Allah Almighty. 

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