Crying in dream meaning in islam

Sadness and crying in dream have many interpretations and meanings in Islam, whether they are positive interpretations or interpretations that invoke anxiety. The interpretation of these dreams certainly varies depending on the dream itself, the dreamer’s perception of it, their emotional state, or the circumstances they are going through.

Interpreters differ among themselves in presenting various explanations for crying in dreams. Sometimes, crying in a dream may simply be a reflection of the psychological pressures and problems you are experiencing in your life, and this dream may not carry any meaning other than the fact that you are indeed facing significant psychological or material pressures.

At other times, crying in a dream can signify various things. In this article, we will explore these interpretations and explanations, including interpretations by Ibn Sirin, Al-Nabulsi, and Ibn Hisham.

Crying in dreams (Ibn Sirin’s interpretation)

1. Ibn Sirin asserts that if the dreamer sees themselves crying intensely, accompanied by loud wailing and lamentation, it signifies a great deal of sadness, grief, and pain. This is especially the case when crying is for a loved one. However, if the dreamer cries without the presence of another person weeping and does so intensely, it indicates significant worries, problems, and sorrows.

If crying occurs in dreams without screaming or lamentation, this suggests the relief of worries and problems in one’s life, as well as liberation from anxiety and difficulties. Crying in dreams without wailing or lamentation also symbolizes a long life, good health, the arrival of rain, and blessings.

When many people in the dream cry at a funeral but without screaming lamentation, or intense grief, it also indicates relief from worries and the entrance of joy, happiness, goodness, and blessings into the dreamer’s life.

2. Crying in dreams with loud screaming, lamentation, tearing of clothes, and striking the face signifies numerous real-life problems and worries. Wearing mourning clothes while crying intensely and wailing also indicates a multitude of difficulties, worries, and hardships.

3. Ibn Sirin mentioned that crying in a dream while reading the Quran signifies remorse for sins, a desire to return to the path of Allah, and a yearning to mend one’s ways. This dream indicates a lot of goodness, blessings, relief from worries, and a return to the path of Allah.

4. If someone dreams of crying over the deceased, it signifies the deceased’s ease in this world and the hereafter, indicating their righteous deeds. However, if the dreams involves the deceased not crying but complaining, it suggests that the deceased may have left a debt behind, and someone among their relatives needs to settle that debt.

crying in dream meaning in Islam

Crying in dreams (Al-Nabulsi’s interpretation)

1. In Al-Nabulsi’s interpretation, crying in dreams is similar to Ibn Sirin’s interpretation. When crying in a dream is accompanied by intense sobbing, wailing, and wearing black clothes, it signifies a multitude of problems and worries.

2. Crying in a dream while in the presence of the Quran and shedding tears over a specific sin signifies a longing to mend one’s ways and embrace a path of truth and virtue. It symbolizes the act of repentance for all transgressions and a return from the path of misguidedness. In this scenario, the act of crying in the dream indicates the imminent arrival of blessings, happiness, and freedom from all anxieties, sins, and wrongdoings. It also reflects the dreamer’s reverence for Allah, a yearning to rid themselves of sins and offences, and a determination to follow the path of righteousness. Additionally, it suggests the enjoyment of good health and a lengthy life.

Crying in dreams (Ibn Hisham’s interpretation)

1. Crying in a dream without the presence of screaming, lamentation, or intense sadness indicates the release from all worries and problems, the arrival of relief, happiness, goodness, and blessings. When crying occurs in a dream without making a sound but with tears present, it signifies the arrival of good things and the fulfillment of one’s desires. However, if crying is accompanied by loud screaming in a specific location, it may signify an impending calamity for the people in that place.

2. Crying in a dream with the presence of tears suggests the existence of problems and sorrow, which is not a favorable sign. If blood is present instead of tears in the dream, it indicates that the dreamer regrets many sins and mistakes they have committed.

3. When laughter is followed by crying in a dream, it can be an indication of approaching misfortune or death. On the other hand, if the dream starts with laughter and then transitions into crying, it suggests the release from worries, sadness, or problems.

4. If tears in the right eye are different from those in the left eye, it is considered unfavorable. If one dreams that tears move from the right eye to the left eye, it can signify that their daughter will get married or that someone’s daughter will marry. However, if there are cold tears in both the right and left eyes, it indicates relief from worries and problems and a significant sense of liberation.

Interpreting crying out of fear of God in a dream

Interpreters generally agree that crying out of fear of God in a dream is a positive sign that carries good tidings and happiness for the dreamer. Some of the interpretations of this dream include:

1. If you dream that you are crying out of fear of God while experiencing difficulties and challenges in your life, it signifies that these crises will soon be resolved.

2. Seeing yourself cry out of fear of God in a dream is a promise of happiness and joy that you will experience in your life in the near future.

3. Crying out of fear of God in a dream is a symbol of goodness and forthcoming blessings that you will receive soon.

4. This dream signifies your proximity to God and your dedication to leading a righteous life. It implies that you will turn to God, seek forgiveness for your sins, and abstain from wrongful actions.

crying in dream meaning in Islam

Interpreting crying in the dream for a single woman

The interpretation of crying in a dream for a single woman is as follows:

1. If a single woman experiences intense crying in her dream, accompanied by screaming, it might indicate that she is currently grappling with fatigue or exhaustion. Nevertheless, this challenging phase is likely to conclude soon.

2. The dream could also imply that the single woman has veered off the right path or committed some transgressions. Her crying in the dream signifies her intention to seek repentance and return to a virtuous and righteous way of life.

3. Crying in a dream of a single woman may carry a positive implication, indicating that she will soon embark on a joyful and fulfilling marriage with a virtuous man.

4. If the single woman discovers herself crying at a funeral in the dream, especially if she is unfamiliar with the deceased, it could be a sign that she will receive auspicious news and blessings in the upcoming days.

Interpreting crying in the dream for a pregnant woman

A pregnant woman experiences tension and anxiety throughout her pregnancy, including in her dreams. However, dreaming of crying can carry positive meanings for her, and the interpretation of crying in the dream for a pregnant woman includes:

1. If a pregnant woman witnesses herself crying in her dream, it may signify that the physical discomfort and fatigue associated with her pregnancy will soon subside.

2. The act of crying in a dream for a pregnant woman might symbolize the forthcoming relief from the pains and exhaustion brought on by her pregnancy.

3. Some interpreters suggest that the crying of a pregnant woman in the dream may not carry any specific interpretation other than reflecting her fear and exhaustion during this phase, as well as the anticipation of the labour pains that will eventually come to pass.

Interpreting crying in the dream of a married woman

Crying in a dream for a married woman generally carries good news and blessings. Here’s the interpretation of this vision:

1. When a married woman sees herself crying in the dream without making a sound, it means that she will live a happy life without problems or conflicts in her married life.

2. If a married woman dreams of crying while holding a Quran and facing problems and worries, this vision suggests that these difficulties will soon resolve, and Allah will provide her with relief, restoring stability to her life.

3. When a married woman witnesses her husband crying in the dream, it’s an indication that she will soon conceive, bringing great happiness to her husband.

4. If a married woman sees herself crying intensely and with sadness in the dream, it may signify that she is contending with marital challenges and pressures in her life.

5. In the scenario where a married woman experiences crying with tears and screams in the dreams, it’s a sign that she will give birth, and her child will be a divine blessing, offsetting the trials and hardships she has encountered in life.

6. Occasionally, a woman’s crying in a dream may serve as a reflection of the emotions and fatigue she is grappling with in her waking life, materializing in the dream.

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