Woman seeing male organ in dream meaning

Women seeing male organs in dream meanings could be different. According to some dream interpreters, a woman seeing a male organ in a dream meaning represents power, productivity, and sexual wishes. Dreaming about seeing a male organ also represents the fear of something, depression, and being overcome in his waking life. Dreams are a fascinating chapter in human life. 

Sometimes dreams create curiosity due to their weird symbols. For example, seeing a male organ by a woman can be a weird dream. But this dream can have several meanings. It is compulsory to know that always the interpretation of the dream is varies on the situation and feelings of the dream. The personal life of the dreamer can also influence the interpretation. 

The woman seeing male organ in a dream means according to different Islamic scholars: 

Scholars have their own opinions on this dream, which can have different meanings. Here are different opinions of a woman seeing a male organ in a dream meaning different scholars.

Opinion of great scholar Muhammad Ibn Sirin about a woman seeing a male organ in her dream: 

Ibni Sirin is a great dream interpreter of Islam. He is known as the master of interpretations. Here are some opinions about male organ dreaming in his thoughts. 

  • According to Ibn Sirin, if a woman dreams that the private part of the man is increasing its size, it means she will get power and money. It can be interpreted as she will give birth to many sons in his waking life.
  • If a man or woman sees that the private part is injured or detached, it means his or her son will die in his or her life.
  • Ibn Sirin said if a woman sees in a dream that a male is giving his organ to another person, it means she will have a disobedient son in his waking life.
  • According to Ibn Sirin if a woman dreams that a male is peeling skin from his private organ it means that one of his children will be cruel to her in his real life. 
Opinion of Prophet Daniyaal A.S about a woman seeing a male organ in a dream 

Meaning: Prophet Daniyaal A.S also has their opinion about dreaming about male organs. Here are some of his opinions about a woman seeing a male organ in a dream meaning in Islam. 

  • According to Prophet Daniyaal A.S., if a woman sees two male organs in her dream, it means she will give birth to a healthy baby boy.
  • If someone dreams that his male organ is not put up, it means his son will get sick.
  • If a dreamer dreams about erecting a male organ, it means the dreamer will get health and wealth. It is also a sign of prosperity. 
Opinion of Ibrahim Karmani A.S about a woman seeing a male organ in dream meaning in Islam. 
  • According to another scholar Ibraheem Karmani A.S, if an aged man sees that his organ is still erect in a dream, it could mean he will be included in a religious group.
  • Ibraheem Karmani said, that if a dreamer sees that semen is coming out from his organ, it means he will earn halal income in his life. 
Opinion of Jabir Maghrabi A.S: 
  • According to Jabir Maghrabi, if someone dreams that his organ is cut down, it means he will face a loss in his waking life. 

Woman having a male organ and its interpretation: 

  • If a conceiving lady dreams that she has a male private part, it means she will give birth to a boy child and he will die.
  • If a woman who is not pregnant sees the dream that she has a male organ, it means she will get conceiving in her real life.
  •  If a woman sees that she has a damaged male organ, it means she will have a baby boy and his baby boy will die in her life.  

Spiritual meaning of a woman seeing a male organ in a dream in Islam: 

Dreams hold a significant place in Islam. This is a way of seeking guidance and warnings. Every culture gives importance to the dreams. Let us explore the spiritual meaning of such dreams.  

  • Sign of power and command:
    As per Islam, seeing male organs in a dream represents power, strength, and command. This dream can have the meaning that the woman will take the responsibilities. Those responsibilities will need more strength and intensity. On the other hand, this dream could have the meaning of a strong male figure in her life. This dream can represent your relationship with that person in your waking life.
  • Depiction of wealthy good days:
    Such dreams are depictions of wealth and good days. As per Islam, dreams about male organs are considered positive dreams.  A male organ in a dream represents productivity, wealth, and prosperity. This dream could be a sign that the dreamer will get a piece of good news about his finances and promotion. This prosperity will grow and maintain in his life.On the other hand, dreamers will get more opportunities and progress in their life, not in just money but in relationships and anything that can give them benefits.
  • Expression of inner need or dispute:
    Such dreams can also be an expression of inner needs and discord. These dreams can be thought in the dreamer`s subconscious mind about her sexual life and inner desire.This dream can be a symptom for the dreamer to know herself properly. This dream can represent the conflicts about her sexual life with her partner. They should fix their problem.
  • Reflection of married relations:
    This dream can be a reflection of her marital life with her male partner. In Islam, marriage is a highly precious act. Islam also gave importance to relations between Partners. This dream could suggest that they both should fulfil each need of each other. This dream can represent that she needs a solution to any problem with her male partner. If they have any problems, they should fix them. 

Tips for understanding a woman seeing male organ in dream meaning in Islam:

If someone dreams about a male organ, she will want to know the meaning of her dream. Such dreams seem weird but they have very important meanings for the dreamers. To understand your dream, here are some tips for your convenience. 

  • When you get up, try to think about your dream.
  • After that write down your dream on any paper.
  • Try to remember all symbols, situations, and your feelings in the dream.
  • Try to focus on your actions in the dream. Check your reaction also after the dream.
  • Focus on your recent situation in your waking life and try to relate it to your dream. Sometimes our dreams can reflect our waking life.
  • Seek help from any good Islamic scholar or a professional advisor. They can guide you to know your dream.  

It is significant to know that our dreams are highly individual and private. We can not implement the same interpretation to anyone. Everyone has their own lifestyle. You should try by yourself to understand your dream because you know better your life`s situation. Never depend on just online resources. Consult with any good consulter.

Frequently asked questions about a woman seeing male organ in dream meaning in Islam: 

Q 1: What is the symbolic meaning of seeing a male private part in a dream? 

Ans: Every dream has its symbolic meanings. The symbolic meaning of seeing a male private part in a dream is wealth, power, and productivity. It could mean that she will give birth to a boy child.

Q 2: What can be the meaning of dreaming about cracked hips? 

Ans: If someone sees that his or her hips are cracked in a dream, it means his or her son will die soon in real life.

Q 3: Is seeing a male`s private part in a dream a good sign or a bad sign? 

Ans: Well it depends on the situation of the dream. But normally such dreams are considered as a positive omen. 


The interpretation of encountering a male organ in a dream is contingent upon the contextual intricacies and specific details. Within the dream realm, a man’s intimate anatomy signifies attributes such as potency, fertility, and influence. When a woman envisions a male organ in her dreams, it may signify a mirroring of unfulfilled sexual yearnings. Conversely, if a man witnesses the private part of a woman in his dream, it may symbolize safeguarding, recompense, and tangible advantages manifesting in his waking existence.

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