Seeing monkey in dream

Seeing monkey in dream carries varied meanings, sometimes linked to insults despite the general affection. Monkeys, lively creatures, belong to the primary tail-bearing animal family, characterized by a narrow chest and a short, flat face. They thrive in tropical environments, necessitating a tropical habitat. The majority is found in tropical forests, often moving in search of food. The presence of a monkey in a dream holds diverse interpretations.

Interpretation of seeing a monkey in a dream by Ibn Sirin

He suggests that it signifies the disappearance of blessings, leading to poverty or encountering a deceitful thief. Alternatively, it may represent a cunning and playful individual. If one dreams of wrestling a monkey and wins, it indicates overcoming a period of illness and subsequent recovery. However, if the monkey prevails, it warns of a severe illness afflicting the dreamer.

Buying or receiving a monkey as a gift in a dream is a sign of theft and deception while eating monkey meat signifies intense troubles, a serious illness, or acquiring wealth through forbidden means. Dreaming of hunting monkeys indicates benefiting from a cunning individual, while marrying a monkey or a female monkey suggests the dreamer’s involvement in major sins and immoral acts.

According to Imam Al-Sadiq

Seeing a monkey in a dream signifies bad omens, indicating poverty, illness, and financial collapse. If the dreamer fights off the attacking monkey, it symbolizes battling against disease, ignorance, and poverty. If the dreamer conquers the monkey, they will triumph over real-life challenges, but if the monkey prevails, financial problems and debts may overwhelm them.

Dreaming of Monkeys: Symbolic Insights for Married, Pregnant, Unmarried, and Divorced Women and Single Men

Interpreting the dream of a monkey for a married woman

Suggests encountering a cunning and envious man who harbours ill intentions towards her and her household. A monkey leaving a married woman’s house in a dream may indicate the removal of sorcery. If a pregnant woman dreams of her husband turning into a monkey, it may signify deceit. Killing a monkey in a dream for a married woman suggests overcoming challenges and getting rid of worries. For a pregnant woman, seeing a monkey might indicate giving birth to a male child, symbolizing good health and recovery from illness.

For an unmarried woman dreaming of a monkey,

It signifies encountering a deceptive and treacherous man or a potential husband with hidden motives. A black monkey suggests a stranger attempting to deceive her, while a white monkey may represent someone she knows trying to trick her. If an unmarried woman dreams of being bitten by a monkey, it could indicate disputes within her family.

For a divorced woman,

Playing or interacting with a monkey in a dream suggests reconciliation and overcoming health-related issues. If she dreams of her ex-husband transforming into a monkey, it may symbolize Allah’s protection from that man. If a divorced woman sees herself hitting a monkey in a dream, it indicates her ability to overcome challenges negatively affecting her health.

For a single man dreaming of a monkey

Attacking him but successfully defending against, it signifies overcoming significant life challenges and receiving divine rewards for patience. Killing a monkey in a dream may indicate the resolution of problems and the end of bachelorhood, suggesting an approaching marriage.

These interpretations aim to provide insights into various scenarios involving monkeys in dreams for different individuals, emphasizing the diverse symbolic meanings based on cultural and personal contexts.

Monkey Dream After Istikhara: Unfavorable Signs and Symbolism

Interpreting the dream of a monkey after seeking guidance (Istikhara) is considered unfavorable, indicating obstacles and troubles in the pursued matter. The presence of fear from the monkey in the dream signifies numerous challenges, and the monkey’s attack implies harm and temptation related to the decision made through Istikhara. Eating monkey meat in the dream suggests engaging in illicit wealth and forbidden sustenance. Surviving a monkey encounter post-Istikhara signifies a positive omen, foretelling the dreamer’s escape from imminent harm or temptation, and avoiding deceptive individuals. However, the harm inflicted by the monkey indicates significant negative consequences in the matter for which Istikhara was sought.

Raising Monkeys in Dreams: Misfortune or Symbol of Concern

Raising monkeys in dreams symbolizes misfortune or the necessity of taking care of children. Seeing a woman carrying a monkey in a dream indicates her unfavorable reputation among people, while walking with a monkey suggests associating with corrupt individuals. Raising monkeys may also symbolize the dreamer’s concerns about corruption and negative influences on the youth. The dream of a wife raising monkeys reflects her poor handling of her children, and a woman nurturing monkeys suggests questionable ethics. Dreaming of a lot of monkeys signifies teaching people immoral behavior through words and actions.

Deceased Persons and Monkeys: Symbolic Messages in Dreams

Dreaming of a deceased person raising a monkey implies a deteriorating situation for their descendants or family, with a corrupted state of affairs. If the dead person walks with a monkey, it indicates their futile worldly deeds. The gathering of the deceased and monkeys suggests offering prayers and charity for the departed soul. Eating monkey meat in the dream represents worries and challenges, possibly signifying severe illness. The act of consuming raw monkey meat indicates futile attempts to overcome a flaw or illness, and eating cooked monkey meat suggests overcoming an enemy using their methods, with a potential confrontation with a corrupt person.

Controversial Symbolism: Marriage-Like Relations with Monkeys

Engaging in a marriage-like relationship with a monkey in the dream signifies committing immoral acts and transgressions. Such dreams are deemed sinful and indicate potential trials and tribulations. The act of a wife raising a monkey in the dream points to her improper treatment of her children, while a woman nurturing monkeys hints at her questionable morals or association with morally corrupt individuals. The abundance of monkeys in dreams may suggest the teaching of reprehensible conduct by the dreamer. The dream of a wife raising monkeys reflects her inadequate handling of her children, possibly bringing shame to her family.

Eating Monkey Meat: Symbolic Meanings and Interpretations

Eating monkey meat in dreams is associated with worries and hardships, according to Ibn Sirin. The act may represent severe illness, and consuming raw monkey meat may symbolize illicit wealth and engage in immoral behaviour. The dream of eating grilled monkey meat indicates prevailing over an adversary using similar tactics, potentially facing off against a corrupt individual. Consuming cooked monkey meat may signify experiencing poverty after wealth. Eating monkey meat and drinking its blood in the dream suggests involvement with adulterers and sorcerers, signifying the horrors of dealing with corrupt people.

Marriage-Like Relations with Monkeys: Immorality and Conflict in Dreams

The dream of monkeys in marriage is generally considered unfavourable and indicative of sin and immorality. Ibn Sirin suggests that engaging in such relationships implies committing sins and transgressions. The dream of monkeys mating signifies immorality and enmity. According to the dream interpreter Holoolha, engaging in a marriage-like relationship with a monkey is generally frowned upon, symbolizing sinful behaviour and potential conflicts.

In dreams, is a monkey a sign of good or magic?

If one dreams of monkeys without harm, it signifies good news. Hiding from monkeys indicates avoiding temptation and sin. Killing a monkey suggests triumph over foes and those with ill intentions. If monkeys leave a house, it signals positivity, especially for married women. However, when a married woman dreams of a monkey having relations with her or being pregnant with a monkey, it may suggest magic or envy. Monkeys, when eating or drinking in a dream, can symbolize magic, and even their urine and feces may signify sorcery. Interpretations may vary, and Allah knows best.


1. What does it mean to dream of monkeys according to Ibn Sirin?

Ibn Sirin’s dream interpretation of monkeys holds various meanings: loss of blessings, potential poverty, encountering deceit, or representing a cunning individual. Wrestling with a monkey might signify overcoming illness or warn of severe health issues.

2. What does seeing a monkey in a dream signify according to Imam Al-Sadiq?

According to Imam Al-Sadiq, seeing a monkey in a dream signifies bad omens, indicating poverty, illness, and financial collapse. Conquering a monkey in the dream symbolizes triumph over real-life challenges, but if the monkey prevails, financial problems and debts may overwhelm the dreamer.

3. What does dreaming of monkeys symbolize for married and unmarried individuals?

For married women, dreaming of a monkey may suggest encountering a cunning and envious man with ill intentions. For unmarried women, it could signify encountering a deceptive and treacherous man or a potential husband with hidden motives. The dream’s interpretation varies based on the individual’s marital status.


Interpreting dreams involving monkeys is complex, with varied meanings based on cultural and personal contexts. Whether triumphing over challenges, encountering deceit, or facing financial woes, the symbolism of monkeys in dreams holds diverse insights. Interpretations should be considered in light of individual circumstances, emphasizing the importance of seeking Allah’s guidance.

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