Dreaming of toys

Dreaming of toys means that you should take all problems lightly in your waking life. Toys are reflections of love and fun. When we sleep, our minds can travel on long drives. Dreaming of toys has different meanings. All the meaning will depend on the situation and personal life of the dreamer. In general, if someone dreams of toys, it means in your house or another family from your belongings will have a baby soon. Due to this baby, life will change in a good way. All your sorrows and problems will be replaced with happiness and blessings. You will solve your problems without any hurdles.  

Different meanings of dreaming of toys in different situations: 

Dreaming of children`s toys reflecting happiness and memories of childhood. Therefore there is nothing bad in dreaming of toys. This dream could represent the fear of responsibility. If someone dreams about toys, it can mean, he is not ready yet to take the authority in his waking life. Here are some known meanings of dreaming of toys. 

  • Interpretation of dreaming of a new toy:
    dreaming of a new toy is related to happiness and blessing. If you are playing with a new toy in your dream, it means that a new member will enter your home, it could be a newborn baby. If you see the members of your family playing with toys, it means there will be a piece of good news for all of them. Dreaming of new toys represents the success in coming time.
  • Interpretation of dreaming of used toys:
    Used toys represent financial matters. Such a dream is a sign that hard times will come in the dreamer’s life but these tough times will pass. Never allow your feelings to control yourself. You will overcome your problems. You will have the money to beat your and your family`s financial needs.
  • interpretation of dreaming of children`s toys:
    The explanation of this dream could be that the dreamer still remembers his childhood time. He needs to escape for a while from his duties. It’s normal, everybody needs a break from his duties. This dream is not a worrying sign. You will learn how to deal with any problem in your life. You should take seriously your all matters.
  • Interpretation of dreaming of too many toys:
    Dreaming of too many toys represents a time of prosperity. This dream is a sign that you will get rewarded for your efforts and all the work have you done. Difficult times come and go but your efforts remain.
  • Interpretation of dreaming of buying a toy:
    Interpretation of this dream will depend on what you are buying. However, if you are buying a toy from the market, it means you want a baby in your real life. When you feel a bit careless in your life then you can experience this dream. But you do not need to be upset it is normal.
  • Interpretation of dreaming of adult toys:
    Normally aged people can experience this dream. If a dreamer dreams that he is using an adult toy, it means he can please himself. This dream can be meant as the dreamer feeling free in his waking life.
  • Interpretation of dreaming of an old toy:
    This dream is a sign that you are still missing your childhood. If you are playing with an old toy in your dream, it brings worries and hurdles for you in your waking life. This dream signifies stress, anxiety, and depression in adult persons. This dream is bit common in young people due to the responsibilities of their waking life.
  • Interpretation of dreaming of a baby toy:
    If someone dreams that he is playing with a baby toy, it means he wants a baby in his real life. This dream can signify that the dreamer will have children soon in his real life. The shape of the toy will decide the gender of the baby.
  • Interpretation of dreaming of a broken toy:
    If someone dreams that he is playing with a broken toy, it represents the pain. You just focus on your matters. You have to find a way to save your happiness in your waking life. 

Non-literal meanings and interpretations of dreaming of toys: 

Every dream has its non-literal meaning. Dreaming of toys is normally a positive dream. These dreams are reflections of blessings and happiness. Interpretations of dreams vary on the details of the dream and the circumstances of the dreamer`s life. Here are some symbolic meanings of dreaming of toys. 

  • Selling toys in a dream:
    If someone dreams of selling toys, it means he will become mature early in his waking life. You will become an expert in the work and it will be good for you because you are independent now. You can make an opinion in your waking life.
  • Children are playing with toys in dreams:
    if you see children playing with toys, it means that your family is a big support. When you feel lost or any people, then your family is a strength and power for you. You always prefer your family instead any other thing.
  • Giving toys to others in a dream:
    If someone dreams that he is giving toys to someone, it means he will meet with a person in his workplace. He will become his good and loyal friend. He will stay with him for a lifetime. That person will guide him in all the matters of life and he will become a trusted person.
  • Accepting toys as a gift in a dream:
    This dream could be a sign that the relationship between you and your relations like your family, friends, and colleagues will become good. You should have some problems with someone in your waking life but you did not give up and gave respect to your relations.
  • Discovering a toy in a dream:
    If you are dreaming about discovering a toy, it means you will get a piece of good news. It could mean that somebody from your close member will tell you that they are pregnant. You will be cheerful in your real life.
  • Collecting toys as a gift in a dream:
    If someone dreams that he is collecting toys as a gift, it is a sign of improvement in your relationships, family, colleagues, and friends. Those relations have been spoiled due to some arguments. You notice that you are nothing without them. Therefore you try to renew your relations in waking life.
  • Losing a toy in a dream:
    If someone dreams that he lost his toy, it signifies bad news. You can experience many losses like failing in exams, separation in a relationship, or loss in a job. But you do not need to be upset. You will fix your problem soon. Anyway, you might be upset and sad but you will never disappointed.
  • Looting a toy in a dream:
    If you are dreaming about looting a toy, it means you will get lost due to your child’s nature. You will face an unwanted situation in your real life. You should be conscious of your way of talking. You can fall into any hurdle due to your way of talking.
  • Fixing a toy in a dream:
    If you dream that you are fixing a toy, it means you are trying to fish a quarrel between two people. You will be the third person between them. Both parties are important and loving for you. Even they both will make you a mediator. It can be hard for you because your decision will be against one of them. 

The spiritual meaning of dreaming of working in a toy store:

if someone dreams that he is working in a toy store, it offers a peak into his faith about his job or his personal life. This dream could have different meanings according to its context and the lifestyle of the dreamer. Here are some spiritual meanings of dreaming of working in a toy store. 

  • The interaction of the people in the store:
    Check the interaction of the customers. It could be affiliated with your satisfaction with your job. If you notice bad behavior of customers then pay attention to your feelings and faith and try to fix them.
  • Keep checking on every single work:
    check on everyone in the dream and what are their responsibilities. Their responsibilities will show you what would be your priorities in your waking life. This dream could show you how can you manage your duties in your waking life.
  • Relationships with colleagues:
    the other spiritual meaning could be a check on your behaviour. Check the interaction of coworkers in a vision. It will be a guide for you on how you should behave in your waking life. 

Mostly asked questions about dreaming of toys: 

Q 1: Is dreaming of toys a bad or a good dream? 

Ans: Well it depends on the details and context of the dream. Generally, dreaming of toys is positive. Toys represent peace and fun.

Q 2: What is the religious meaning of dreaming of toys? 

Ans: The spiritual meaning of dreaming of toys can be a wish of a baby or a baby in any other family member`s house. 

Q 3: What will be the meaning of dreaming about someone stealing a toy from you? 

Ans: This dream can have a bit negative meaning. You can face some problems or a loss in your waking life. But you don’t need to be upset because you will fix it again in your budget.  


Dreaming of toys represents the meaning of joy and blessings. If someone dreams about toys, it means he will have a baby or any family member also have a baby in his waking life. Dreaming of toys can represent different meanings like power, productivity, creativity, and strength.  Dreaming about a toy store can take you in your childhood. This dream is a sign of a desire to a break from responsibilities. Might be possible dreamers are facing a bad and hard time in their life.

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