Dream of attic

Dreaming of attic represents the spirituality, mind, and strong inner self. The dream of the attic represents hidden memories or stressed thinking. It could be a fear of disclosing the stressed feeling in waking life. An attic is a space where you put your used and old stuff. In this scenario, this dream can represent your spirituality and spirit. 

Dreaming of an attic can symbolize hurdles that are stop points in your progress and success in your waking life. But you never be upset. You will achieve your goals in life. If you dream about a  dark attic, it means some difficulties are coming in your life. This dream can represent a danger or threat. This dream could be an alarm from your inner self that you should be careful in dealing with others. 

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about an attic in different situations: 

The dream of attic is a sign of spirituality and a connection with the high spirit. Here are some spiritual meanings of attic dreams in different situations. 

The spiritual meaning of dreaming about the attic on fire:

If someone dreams that his attic is on fire, it means someone from his trust will disclose his secret. Which is your most hidden secret After some time this secret will create a big misunderstanding and difficult time in your waking life.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about an empty attic:

If a dreamer is dreaming that his attic is empty and not in use, it means the dreamer will face a very hard time in his life. Some tough challenges are waiting for him. He will not be able to control his work in his waking life.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about hiding in the attic:

This dream could symbolize a desire for a break in waking life., This dream can be a sign of difficult dealing in the dreamer`s life. This dream can reflect that the dreamer wants to step away from all responsibilities for a while.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about a ghostly attic:

Dreaming about a ghostly attic is affiliated with your thoughts. Might be possible your sub-conscience mind is stuck in any confusion or thought. Something is suspect in your life. Maybe someone from your surroundings is not loyal to you.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about a hidden attic:

If someone dreams about a hidden attic, it means someone is protecting him hideously. Any spiritual person is an inhibition between you and hurdles.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about a messy attic:

This dream could be a sign of cluttered thoughts in your mind. It signifies your negative thoughts about anything in your life. You should calm yourself. Keep your mind positive about anything for the peace of your mind. These messy thoughts may be holding you back from your goals and progress.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about office attic:

The dream of an office attic represents the hard work of the dreamer in his life. You should be positive in any condition in your life. You will have to control your difficulties.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about a scary and without light attic:

If someone dreams that he is in a dark attic and he is scared, it means some sudden situation will hurt your spirit and heart. Your inner desires are terrifying you. You should work on it and understand your feelings about what you want in your life. 

The symbolic meaning of the dream of attic:

Dreaming about attics can have different meanings. It can represent the meaning that you are on the right way to spirituality. Sometimes it can be an exposure of your hidden talents and experiences. Here are some symbolic meanings of the dream of attic for more convenience.

Incomplete dreams:

The most common symbol of the dream of attic is unfulfilled dreams. This dream could be a sign that your dreams and wishes might remain incomplete in your waking life. You may have started many works in the past but you will not get the reward for them. Such dreams tell you that you are not satisfied with your work or your achievements.

Confused thoughts and feelings:

Such dreams represent the confused thoughts of the dreamer. These thoughts can be about any problem or any special event. These dreams could be a signal that you should get rid of your negative thoughts and emotions. Always keep your mind positive. Because your negative thoughts will be an inhibition in your success.


Sometimes such dreams could be warning signs for the dreamer. They can tell you that you can face any bad situation and difficulties in your life. Your way to success is full of difficulties and problems. You should work hard to achieve your reward and you will achieve with all of these hurdles.

Insight into the past:

Think about your past and imagine your all thoughts are in a box. Like you do not let go of some things in your attic like this some feelings and thoughts are also very important for us. We cannot forget them. But we should get rid of it for our peace of mind. This dream can be a reminder for you to focus on the recent situation and the future. Your past will never come back. You should get rid of it and move forward.

Fruitful future:

Sometimes these dreams can be a piece of good news. Such dreams represent that your hard work will get fruitful rewards. You will get the desired results from your struggle. Then you might be in a struggling position but you should strengthen your faith in Allah. He will fix all matters in your life. You will become a strong and good inspiration for others. 

Interpretation of cleaning the attic and its different parts:

Cleaning the attic in a dream represents the meaning of an indication of mercy and security. Someone is blaming you for an injustice situation but you are denying that you are responsible. This vision can be a sign of long age and permanence. If someone dreams that he is cleaning the attic, it means this is a sign of power, revenge, strength, and overcoming. You should renew your emotions in a better way. You should good look after yourself.

  • Interpretation of dreaming about the cleaning of the underground attic: If someone dreams about cleaning the basement of the attic. It means there are some personal issues between you and your close member. You need some emotional affiliation. Such dreams could be a sign of inner quarrel.
  • Interpretation of dreaming about cleaning the roof of the attic: Dreaming about cleaning the roof of the attic represents feelings of pride or achievement. This dream is a symbol that you are trying to cover your mistakes in your real life. You need to get rid of your mistakes.
  • Interpretation of dreaming about the door of the attic: This dream is a gift for your life. Someone is protecting your life. You should keep your way and emotions straight.
  • Interpretation of dreaming about a rat in an attic: If someone dreams about a rat in the attic, it means you need to be careful in interacting with others. This dream can also represent your loyalty and hard work. 

Frequently asked questions about the dream of the attic: 

Q 1: What can be the meaning of an empty attic in the dream? 

Ans: Dreaming of an empty attic can represent many things. This dream could be a sign that you are inexperienced yet for any professional work. You should avoid taking on any big responsibility. Different challenges are waiting in the coming life. You should be strong in your life. 

Q 2: What is the meaning of dreaming about furniture stored in the attic? 

Ans: You can say that this dream is an outline of your relationships. The condition of the furniture will decide the situation of your relations.

Q 3: What can be the explanation for dreaming about finding an old shoe from the attic? 

Ans: The interpretation of this dream can be disclosed in front of others. Dreamers could have any secret that they want to keep hidden. 


The dream of attic could have different meanings. Attic in the dreams represent the hidden memories and secrets. You can relate your dream of attic with your spirituality, thoughts, and affiliation with the divine power. Dreaming about an attic tells you about your parts of personality. Details and situations of the dream will decide the dream`s interpretation. So, to be aware of the clear-cut explanation of your dream, you should know about your dream first.

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